Valorant showcases Harbor and his abilities in the latest Agent trailer 'Turn The Tides'

Harbor is coming (Image via Valorant)
Harbor is coming to Valorant soon (Image via Valorant)

Valorant recently dropped the Agent trailer for the highly-anticipated next Agent, Harbor, and the character and his abilities look quite sleek in the video. Covering two prominent Indian cities, with one featuring a road chase and another an expedition for an artifact, the developers have once again managed to capture the imagination of their players through captivating animation and storytelling.

The official Agent trailer, titled 'Turn The Tides', comes just a few days after Riot Games confirmed the name of the upcoming Agent and provided the community with a glimpse of the character. For a long period of time, he was only known by players as Varun Batra and the codename 'Mage'.

While Valorant players will be eagerly waiting to try Harbor out in-game, the new trailer provides a deeper look at everything he is about.

Harbor's Agent trailer in Valorant focuses on powerful abilities and Indian background

Not much is currently known about Harbor's abilities in Valorant, which has given rise to plenty of speculation and leaks. Gleaned from various official sources, it was clear that he has the power to manipulate water. It is also rumored that the Agent will have the power to place impenetrable water bubbles, with the recent trailer providing a fleeting glimpse at some of these.


The official Agent trailer begins in Delhi with two bikers chasing Harbor, who is on a motorbike himself, through the narrow by-lanes of Delhi. The two attackers indiscriminately fire their weapons from time to time before the latter takes one out with a small circular machine that shuts down the bike and the other by calling forth a wall of water.

The fallen biker took a few more shots at Harbor, with one bullet hitting his bike. With his vehicle compromised, he makes a jump off a ramp ahead. As Harbor explains why he was being chased by the gunmen, the action shifts to an incident that occurred two months ago in Mumbai.

In Mumbai, Harbor and another REALM operative, Captain Greaves, are visiting an archeological site that houses a powerful relic, a golden bracelet with strange inscriptions and five rings. As he walks towards it, the bracelet latches itself onto Harbor's wrist.

The powerful relic (Image via Valorant)
The powerful relic (Image via Valorant)

Both operatives realize that the artifiact is quite different than the other ancient relics they have come across in the past in their line of work. Greaves turns on Harbor and tries to take it by force before the latter escapes. Harbor is tagged as "gone rogue" soon after, with multiple REALM operatives hunting him down.

The video cuts back to the present where Brimstone catches Harbor mid-air and pulls him onto the Vulture. Brimstone hands Harbor a gun and welcomes him to Valorant. With the Agent trailer now released, it is only a matter of time before the water-bending Indian Agent is introduced to the popular game.

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