Valorant further teases arrival of Harbor with new theme song “Raja”

New Theme Music teased for Agent Batra (Image via Sportskeeda)
New Theme Music teased for Agent Batra (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games just provided the first look at Harbor, Valorant's forthcoming Agent. Also known as Agent 21, the latest Controller figure is from India, and as previous teasers have revealed, he can manipulate water. The corporation has now released a theme tune for him, titled Raja.

Riot Games has always carried a good reputation for using music and telling storylines in their trailers. This pattern has remained consistent across League of Legends and Valorant. Plenty of Agents have a theme song associated with them, and Harbor isn't any different.

Theme music further teases new Valorant Agent

The official Valorant Twitter page provided a small teaser of Harbor's theme music, which is scheduled to be released shortly. The song is by Lil Nas Xecutive Records and features ARB4, Tienas, and Mangal Suvarnan.

The concerned tweet leads to a list of links for the song, citing Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

This song will certainly be used in Harbor's upcoming music video. We may also get the first gameplay video of the new Valorant Agent. Players can expect to learn about his water-themed skills, especially his ultimate, within the next 24 hours. It's fantastic to see Riot introducing new Agents with fresh music that reflects their origins and themes.

Riot hasn't completely disclosed Harbor's skills, but as the initial artwork and clues suggest, he can manipulate water. The Agent will most likely utilize it to divide territory for his side. This will be emblematic of his role as a Controller Agent, like Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Astra.


According to the hints so far, Agent 21 will most likely have water-related talents. The name "Varun" is close to the name of a Vedic god linked with the sky at first, followed by the seas.

Agent 21's skills were leaked in late August, although Riot has yet to clarify whether or not these facts are accurate. The following abilities have been leaked:

  • Bubble(E): EQUIP bubble and enter a phased state by hitting the ability key to place down a bubble. Activate to form a solid bubble. Bullets are unable to pass through.
  • EQUIP a Tartarus charger for Tartarus Pit(Q). FIRE to unleash a debilitating shot that delivers damage and slows players in the area.
  • EQUIP a distortion wall launcher, Vision Taker(C). FIRE to produce a thin line of distortion. If enemies step through, they will be temporarily blinded.
  • EQUIP the Golem doll, Golem(X). Throw down with fire. All friends will receive a regeneration bonus, while foes will receive a decay debuff.

Riot Games has already supplied amazing music to Valorant gamers by releasing "Die For You" by Grabbitz, a worldwide hit among fans. The company has even cooperated with well-known musicians such as Imagine Dragons and Zedd.


With all the excitement surrounding Harbor's agent trailer music, it won't be long until Valorant unveils his playlist. The release will likely coincide with the agent's debut. Everything will be available sometime next week after Episode 5 Act 3 is released.

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