Valorant Utility Guide: Mastering site entry on Breeze in Episode 4 Act 1

How to gain site-entry on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to gain site-entry on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)
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After a mid-2020 release, Riot Games has succeeded in their efforts to turn Valorant into one of the most engaging online FPS titles in the world.

Valorant initiated 2022 by releasing Episode 4 Act 1: Disruption, which introduced a new Agent, new Battlepass, and several intriguing changes in design and mechanics.


Riot Games is known to release every Act of Valorant with a new map or Agent. With the game featuring two consecutive Agent releases with Chamber and Neon's recent arrivals, players can expect a new map to grace the game in the next Act. As of Patch 4.0, Valorant has 18 different Agents that players from all over the world can access in order to enjoy a team-based 5v5 tactical combat.

Most effective methods to enter sites on Valorant's Breeze

In Patch 4.0, the developers at Riot decided to make certain alterations to the existing map design of Breeze. Set on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, Breeze is a refreshing addition to Valorant's competitive map pool. Known for its long hallways and exposed mid-area, Breeze has several unique features that promote long-range gunplay and lengthy rotations.


The key to winning rounds on Breeze is the presence of Viper in the squad. Unlike other Controllers, Viper has her Toxic Screen (wall) that she can deploy to cover wide and open areas of the map. Similar to Viper, Agents like Sova, Cypher and Jett most commonly feature in competitive fixtures on Breeze.

Teams usually prefer having a second Initiator like KAY/O or Skye to complete their lineup, while Agents like Killjoy and Reyna have also proven effective.

Breeze A-site entry

In order to facilitate site-entry, Viper can deploy her Toxic Screen to split the bomb site into two, prior to entering the A-site on Breeze, Players can also line up and deploy the Agent's Poison Cloud (smoke) to cover the top of the newly-introduced KNG box which arrived with Patch 4.0.

Once the walls are laid, the team's Initiators can get to work. Upon activation, Viper's utilities will drive enemy Agents away during entry and cover all major vantage points within the site.

A-site enty on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)
A-site enty on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sova can then utilize his Recon Dart to gain information on the locations of enemy players within the site. Due to the open nature of A-site, Sova is capable of covering a majority of the bomb site with his recon, and is highly effective on this map.

KAY/O can use his Zero/Point ability to suppress enemies hiding in back-site or between the pyramids. He can also propel his flashbangs through Viper's Toxic Screen so as to hit opponents unannounced.

Similar to KAY/O, Skye also has a toolkit which can come in handy in Breeze. The Agent is capable of directing the motion of her Guiding Light (flash), and can conveniently deploy her Trailblazer to gain recon before entering the site.

Breeze B-site entry

Similar to Breeze's A-site, the B-site is also a wide-open area, and as such, requires Viper's walls to gain complete control. Viper can position her Toxic Screen to cover two pivotal vantage points - mid and CT/defenders spawn.

Additionally, her Poison Cloud can be used to cover a part of the back-site to push back the enemies holding the area. Post-planting, Viper's smoke orb acts as an excellent tool to cover enemy progression from B-main.

B-site enty on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)
B-site enty on Valorant's Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)

While Sova's Recon Dart can be used to reveal enemies taking cover back-site, Skye's Trailblazer is the perfect utility to clear the angles adjacent to the narrow B-main entrance.

Similar to A-site, KAY/O's suppression blade and flashbang come in handy while entering Breeze's B-site. His incendiary grenade is capable of dealing heavy damage and can clear out opponents hiding in the rear of the site.

Due to Jett's potential with the Operator, enhanced mobility and aerial prowess, she is the primary choice for teams to lead their attack on Breeze.

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