Viper vs Omen in Valorant: Which agent is a better controller in Icebox?

Who is the best controller for Valorant teams in Icebox? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Who is the best controller for Valorant teams in Icebox? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's most effective team composition recommends the use of 1 Controller agent per team, irrespective of the map. However, with the change in layout across different maps, the effectiveness of other agents within the same role also varies.

Viper and Omen are the two most popular choices for Controllers in competitive matchmaking, as well as in professional tournaments. Despite the differences in abilities, Viper and Omen serve their purpose efficiently in every map, with Icebox being the favourite for both.

This article analyzes both agents, comparing them with respect to their effectiveness as a Controller for Valorant enthusiasts in Icebox.

Viper vs Omen in Valorant: Facts, abilities, skills and pick rate


Viper is an American controller agent in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Viper is an American controller agent in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: Beta

Role: Controller

Origin: United States


Passive Ability: Fuel

Viper's poison cloud (Q) and toxic screen (E) are abilities that are dependant on her Fuel. Using both abilities together drains the Fuel meter faster. Once depleted, it takes 20 seconds for Fuel to be restored to 100.

Passive Ability: Toxin

Enemies that step into Viper's toxin-induced abilities will face an instant reduction of 30 HP, with 10 HP drained per second. They regain their health at a rate of 25 HP per second.

Basic Ability 1 (C): Snake Bite

Viper launches a canister that cracks open on hitting the floor. Snake Bite deals 12 HP per second in damage to enemies caught in it while making them vulnerable for 2 seconds. Allies will take 1/3 of the damage if affected.

Basic Ability 2 (Q): Poison Cloud

Viper can deploy her gas emitter to her liking. Once activated, a spherical toxic orb is formed, which runs on Fuel. Enemies that enter will be under the effect of Toxin. Poison Cloud can be reactivated, redeployed, and carried over to the next round.

Signature Ability (E): Toxic Screen

A straight line of gas emitters is launched, forming a toxic wall which Viper can activate at the cost of Fuel. Enemies passing through will be affected by her Toxin. Although not re-deployable, Viper can reactivate the wall to her desire.

Ultimate Ability (X): Viper's Pit

Viper releases a large cloud that expands into a wide area of the map. All agents, including Viper, will have reduced vision inside Viper's Pit, while only enemy teammates will be affected by Toxin. The ultimate lasts for the entire round, with Viper having 15 seconds to return to her pit. Enemies are marked in red and will have obscured mini-maps. The ability requires seven ultimate points.


What makes Viper a desirable controller in Valorant is her ability to deploy her abilities using line-ups. Snake Bite (C) is a valuable tool in post-plant situations. Viper has multiple line-ups with her Poison Cloud (Q) and Toxic Screen (E) that she can juggle with for each bombsite in Valorant. Her ultimate (X) is capable of retaking bombsites and is incredibly hard to contest in post-plant situations.

Pick rate

Viper had a pick rate of 53% across all maps in the recent VCT: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin, with a 100% pick rate in Icebox. As for Valorant's casual gaming community, Viper has a 4.6% pick rate across all maps with 5.6% in Icebox, in Episode 3 Act 2, as per


Omen is a Valorant controller with a mysterious origin (Image via Sportskeeda)
Omen is a Valorant controller with a mysterious origin (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: Beta

Role: Controller

Origin: Unknown


Basic Ability 1 (C): Shrouded Step

Equipping the ability displays a marker that Omen can align to a region the player can teleport to.

Basic Ability 2 (Q): Paranoia

A blinding orb that passes through walls to deafen and nearsight any player who brushes against it. Teammates and enemies alike will be blinded for 2.2 seconds.

Signature Ability (E): Dark Cover

Omen can discharge a shadow orb onto any location on the map within a given range. The orb turns into spherical smoke on landing, lasting for 15 seconds. Omen can choose to enter a phased world to deploy smokes at long range. Each orb is restored after 40 seconds.

Ultimate Ability (X): From The Shadows

Omen can choose to teleport to any area within the map while temporarily obscuring the enemy agents' maps. Omen appears as a shadow for a short time in the teleported area before the agent's full body appears. From The Shadows requires seven ultimate points.


Omen is a valuable component for any team in Valorant due to his ability to deploy his Dark Cover (E) from long range. Smokes are essential for entering sites as well as in post-plant situations. Omen's Paranoia (Q) helps the team's duelists in their aggressive approach, while Shrouded Step (C) helps the agent reach areas of the map that are otherwise inaccessible. From the shadows (X) is an ultimate ability that is capable of changing the tide of the match in an instant.

Pick rate

Omen had a pick rate of 8% across all Valorant maps combined as well as in Icebox alone, for VCT: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin. As per's statistics, Omen has a pick rate of 4.9% in all maps with 5% in Icebox. The stats are based on player stats from Episode 3 Act 2 of Valorant.

Viper vs Omen in Icebox: Which controller should Valorant players choose?

Among Valorant's controllers, Viper has the least effective smoking mechanism. Her poison cloud (Q) needs to be deployed precisely to smoke specified regions, limiting her ability. In comparison, Omen's dark cover (E) can be assigned to multiple different regions with ease and are regenerative.

However, taking Icebox into consideration, Viper's post-plant snake bite (C) line-ups are highly beneficial for the team. Her toxic screen (E) ability suits the structure of the map and can be deployed to provide easy access to bomb sites.

Omen's abilities serve their purpose well in Icebox. Although From the shadows (X) is suited for longer maps like Haven or Breeze, it is still effective in Icebox.

Viper's Pit (X), paired with the rest of her abilities, is capable of winning rounds single-handedly due to the layout of the map. While Omen is proficient as a Controller in Valorant, Viper is the most suitable Controller for Valorant players in Icebox.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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