Best Controller Agents to pick for Valorant's new Indian map Lotus

Controlling space in Valorant
Controlling space in Valorant's Lotus: Best Controller Agents on the new Indian map (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's latest three-site map Lotus can easily overwhelm players with its unique features and abundant mysteries. However, it is only a matter of time before players understand the map's intricate but interesting traits and determine the best Agents to tackle it.

Valorant's Controller Agents are essential to team composition, as they help provide visual cover and support. Players must pick at least one Controller to build an ideal team for Lotus.

Fortunately, on Lotus, players can find an advantage with all five Controller Agents available in Valorant. The map is flexible on both sides, and players can utilize several opportunities to gain an advantage and win matches. However, defenders may have an advantage in controlling the map and taking space.

Picking the best Controller for the Lotus map isn't too difficult, thanks to its flexibility. Nevertheless, this article will make the decision easier for you.

Controlling space in Valorant's Lotus: Best Controller Agents on new Indian map


Players can choose from five Controller Agents in Valorant, including Viper, Omen, Brimstone, Harbor, and Astra. Each character features unique abilities to deal with controlling space on tactical maps.

Although there are no restrictions to picking Agents in the game, players often refer to the prevailing meta to help them choose the perfect team composition for a map. Unfortunately, it's too early for Lotus to have its own meta.

However, some pro players and content creators have already showcased excellent map interpretation and dominated casual games in Lotus with certain team compositions. Based on popular conclusions, Omen, Astra, and Viper can be Lotus' dominant Controller Agents.

Here's how every Valorant Controller can contribute to a team in Lotus.



Omen features an excellent utility kit to control Lotus effectively. His recurring Dark Cover can create easy one-ways to help him and his teammates conquer as much space on defense. As an attacker, he can use his smokes to block certain chokepoints and advance onto a site or utilize them flexibly.

In combination with his Shrouded Step, Omen's Paranoia is immensely powerful in Lotus, especially for pushing through rotating doors and tight entrances. His Ultimate can help him move around the humongous map and secure a dropped spike in a matter of seconds.

Needless to say, Omen is possibly the strongest pick on Lotus so far.


Astra is one of the best Valorant Agents on Lotus due to her ability to fake smokes, enabling easy rotates and taking control of space without using an Astral star. She can also control sites from afar, which is a great advantage in Lotus. However, one must use her limited utility kit wisely.

In addition to her long-lasting smokes, Astra can concuss and confuse enemies with her Nebula Pulse and Gravity Well. Her Ultimate can convert to an easy round win, provided her teammates use the bullet and sound-bending wall to their advantage.



Being a huge Valorant map, Lotus fits right into Viper's expertise. Players can use her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud to seal chokepoints and take space control. Her Snake Bite mollies only add to the immense benefits she can bring to the table.

Viper's Pit will also easily cover Lotus's small sites, thus letting her protect the site on defense or play post-plant on offense. Her Toxic Screen's immobility can become a major inconvenience while on the attack. However, she will fare well in Lotus in double-controller setups.

Viper will find it difficult to provide cover when her team changes the initial plan and decides to rotate, which will be a common strategy on the three-site map. Moreover, her Poison Cloud will depend on lineups, which could prove time-consuming and inflexible on offense.



Brimstone is the only Controller Agent in the game who can drop three high-quality Sky Smokes at once. However, his limited smokes can become an issue while controlling Lotus. However, checking those smokes or playing in a double controller setup can help solve this dilemma.

Brimstone's Incendiary (Molotov) could be great for Lotus post-plant plays. The map also features small plant sites, perfect for Brimstone's Ultimate.



Like Lotus, Harbor is yet to carve a niche for himself in Valorant. However, he can be a good Controller to play in Lotus. His recurring and flexible wall, High Tide, can easily cover chokepoints. With Cascade, pushing into Lotus's sites and through rotating doors should be a breeze.

Lotus' quirky sites are difficult to keep hold of, and players could face difficulty planting the bomb or staying alive. Harbor's Cove can act as a game-changer in such cases. Lastly, Harbor's Ultimate is an overpowered ability that can be used on plant sites before a push.

Despite being a good Controller on offense, Harbor's flexibility restricts him from blocking a push as effectively as Viper, Brimstone, or Astra. However, he can bend his wall and use his Cascades to initiate an effective retake strategy on Valorant's Lotus.

Despite Omen and Viper's immediate popularity, Lotus's meta is expected to shift as the days pass. Astra, Harbor, and Brimstone can also be utilized effectively on Valorant's Lotus. The map may also promote a double-controller team composition across the professional spectrum.

Lotus is now available to play via a dedicated Lotus-only queue, Swiftplay, and other modes barring Competitive and Unrated queues in Valorant.

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