5 Valorant callouts to know on Haven

Communicating is very important in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Communicating is important in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Valorant, communication is crucial to gameplay. Knowing where to rally your troops might be the differentiator between a win and a loss. Callouts are places on the map that see a lot of action. Knowing the location's name helps out teammates immensely.

Haven has been a Valorant map since beta. Its specialty is the three Spike plant sites, which makes streamlined communication between players even more essential. You need good communication on this map because of the long rotations between extremities. Tracking opponents across the map is vital for success.


There are many positions to learn about in attack and defense. But the following guide dives into some of the most critical positions on the map and associated callouts to help improve communication on Haven.

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Garage, Mid-Window, and other callouts Valorant players must know in Haven

1) Garage (or C-Short)


Garage, or C-Short as it has officially been named, is one of the most heavily contested areas on the map. The defending side is often guarded by at least one player alongside a Sentinel utility.

Meanwhile, with the attacking team, this is one of the most common areas to invest smoke plus an Initiator utility such as a Prowler, Trailblazer, or Owl Drone in taking control of the area.

2) C-Link and A-Link


These are strong positions for the defender's side when defending and retaking the B-Site of the map. Taking control of these connecting passages means they can flood in from both sides when retaking. The attackers, in such situations, are either stuck on site or have been pushed outside through the main entrance to the site.

Both the linkages to the extremities of the map also act as strong positions while retaking the respective sites they are named after. Valorant's set-up utilities, such as Recon Bolt, Haunt, Lockdown, and Paranoia, are most effective when used from here during retakes.

3) Mid Window


This is another powerful position to take control of as both attackers and defenders. In attack, lurking around this spot can prove quite effective in preventing flanks from being successful.

Additionally, if the player is mechanically confident, they can peak out of the Mid Window at the start of the round to find a pick near the B-site entrance from where people peak nearly every single time.

As defenders, smoking the window off at the start of the round can prove effective as someone can walk out of the B-site with their eyes on the grassy area in front of Mid Doors to crouch and wait under the window.

A player in this position grants valuable information, which is very important in Valorant. The player posted there would get sound cues on whether the attackers are committing to either extremity or are simply making noise to draw rotations. This player should communicate what they hear so their team can take advantage.

4) Sewers (or A-Short)


Both these names are equally popular. This is another heavily contested area in the early game. Agents with high mobility or flashes usually like to push down from the site, hoping to find a pick onto an unaware opponent standing in A-Lobby. This is a very popular spot for Operators to post up.

On the attacker's side, this is another area that sees a lot of initiator utility being invested in clearing multiple close angles from which defenders like to play with shotguns. It is generally considered quite challenging to take the A-site without hitting it from both its Short and Long sides simultaneously.

5) Heaven (or A-Tower)


Once again, Heaven is the generic name for all exceptionally elevated spaces on a particular site on almost all maps in Valorant. Similarly, the area under it is called Hell.

It is considered equivalent to throwing if the attacking Controller does not put smoke on the Heaven window. Without a smoke, it is next to impossible to take a site against a good aimer posted on Heaven equipped with an assault or sniper rifle.

While it is usually a power spot for defenders, attackers can sometimes push into Heaven in post-plant situations to catch the retakers off guard.

The above list consists of some of the essential callots on Haven in Valorant. Over and above these, there are also other important callouts like A-Long, Attacker’s and Defender’s Spawn, C-long, Logs (C-site), and so on.

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