Fact Check: Is Harbor the least effective Controller in Valorant?

Harbor is Valorant
Harbor is Valorant's most recent addition to the Agent roster (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant’s latest Agent Harbor is the fifth Controller to be added to the game in a long time. Being a unique Agent from India, he has quickly gained attention from the community. The sheer anticipation of his arrival made him the highlight of this Episode.


With that being said, fans are still skeptical, as most still don't see him as a viable pick. However, Harbor has the potential to be a great Agent, given that his kit is flexible enough to do a Controller's work on many maps.

This article will help players understand Harbor's true standing in the current Valorant meta.

How can players make the most out of Harbor in Valorant?


Although Harbor's kit shares similarities with Agents like Viper, it does not hold him back from making creative plays. The High Tide wall not only covers a decent amount of area when deployed but can also be bent. Moreover, it also scales a good amount of height. This already makes him a flexible Agent in covering up taller lines of sight on maps like Haven.

His Ultimate also makes him a force to be reckoned with as it takes up a large portion of the deployed area. It forces players caught in the Reckoning to constantly move or get stunned.


Every single ability in Harbor's kit is a smoke that aids his team and works great in both attacking and defending halves. However, players are keener towards picking Viper as their Ultimate, as Snake Bite is much stronger on certain maps.

Many are afraid to change the traditional competitive Controller meta from Brimstone, Omen, and Viper to Harbor as they are still unsure about his kit. Moreover, Brimstone and Omen share utilities that are much easier to use. Like Viper, most of Harbor's abilities depend on lineup and precision.

Upon mastering his basic utility usage in Valorant, the agent can quite positively become a great pick on many maps.

Harbor is the most efficient when played on certain maps


Harbor thrives when played on maps like Pearl, Icebox, Haven, and even Fracture. This is purely due to his primary ability, the High Tide being flexible enough to cover up long angles with a single wall. Moreover, the best part of his kit is that the High Tide can be used a second time once the cooldown is over. This makes him much stronger than players would think.

Something Viper does not have is the ability to use her Toxic Screen on a different site once deployed. This makes her plays limited at times as she has to rely on her smoke orb to cover up potential lines of sight. On the other hand, Harbor carries an arsenal of smoke in Valorant.

Every single one of his abilities can be an efficient smoke that can hamper an enemy's vision. Harbor is definitely not the least effective Controller in the game right now. Given the circumstances, he could potentially attain a higher stature.

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