Best Valorant Initiators to master on all maps in Episode 5 Act 3

Valorant’s best initiators according to every map (image via Sportskeeda)
Exploring Valorant’s best Initiators on each map (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Valorant's metaverse, Initiators are one of the four types of Agents. As the name suggests, they are responsible for initiating attacks on a site, flushing enemies out of hiding, and assisting the team when charging into battle. Initiators challenge angles by setting up their team to enter the contested ground and push defenders away.

These Agents help their team get the most out of the situation by disrupting the flow of their opponents. They employ various methods to achieve this. Initiators support teammates by hampering an opponent's ability to fight back in Valorant.

Initiators trigger the war in Valorant

Agent understanding is vital to explore the kit. All of this comes into play on maps with diverse layouts. This list ranks all Initiators based on their effectiveness and competitive pick rate for Valorant Episode 5 act 3.

5) Fade


Valorant's Fade lets players command darkness itself to hunt down enemies and limit their movement or vision, making sure they're always backed into a corner with fear.

Her ability, Prowler, sends out an enemy-seeking entity she can direct, which latches onto opponents if near, causing them to lose long-range vision for a period. Her Haunt launches a dark entity at a spot, revealing the location of enemies within its line of sight and creating a trail if they move. This lets her warn the team about enemy positions and movement.

Fade's Seize anchors enemies that get caught in it and decay their health, priming them for her team to punish. Her ultimate is Nightfall, sending out a wave of darkness that creates trails of enemies caught in it, decaying their health and suppressing their sense of hearing. Fade uses this to gather information while her team silently pushes.

Tracking the movements of her opponents, Fade leaves her team a trail to follow to a sure victory.

Best maps to use Fade - Ascent, Bind, Fracture, and Icebox.

Worst maps to use Fade - Breeze, Haven, and Split.

4) Breach


Valorant's Breach is known for his disorienting abilities that displace opponents. His abilities include Aftershock, which barrages the area in a series of explosions, dealing significant damage to anyone caught in its wake. Flashpoint creates a flash of blinding light on the opposite side of a surface. This lets him flash enemies in areas other utilities would not reach.

Breach's Fault Line creates a disorienting blast in a straight line that dazes enemies in its zone, reducing the fire rate of their guns and slowing all movement. Using this on unsuspecting enemies before a push increases his chances of winning the fight. His ultimate is Rolling Thunder, which sends a seismic blast with a wide area of effect that knocks enemies back and dazes them. Stunning every opponent within the zone.

Breach is the only Valorant Initiator in this list without intel-gathering capabilities. Still, what this Agent lacks in one aspect, he more than makes up for it with his other utilities, with which the fight is already in his favor before it even begins.

Best maps to use Breach - Fracture, Bind, Breeze, Haven, and Split.

Worst maps to use Breach - Ascent, and Icebox.

3) KAY/O


KAY/O is Valorant's robotic Agent. He is armed with high-tech gadgets and the oppressive power to neutralize enemy abilities, rendering their utility useless. His abilities include Flash/drive, a flash-bang grenade that blinds enemies providing space for his team to move quickly. His Frag/ment throws down an explosive charge that damages an area over time. It blocks his enemies' paths and damages them if they push through.

His Zero/point throws a knife that suppresses enemies in an area, rendering them unable to use their abilities while also informing his team which agents are caught in it.

KAY/O's ultimate is Null/cmd, which creates a suppression wave in an interval that restricts the ability usage of his enemies. This allows his team to push without any haste.

KAY/O is a great Agent for charging into fights and immediately having an impact without firing a single bullet.

Best maps to use KAY/O - Ascent, Breeze, Fracture, Haven, Icebox, and Split.

Worst maps to use KAY/O - Bind.

2) Skye


Valorant's Skye is a nature-themed agent who prefers to use her animal-like beasts from a distance to gather information while also healing her teammates, ensuring they don't go into a fight at a disadvantage.

Skye's abilities include Trailblazer, which sends out a ground-based beast that she can control and scout ahead of her team, providing information about enemy positions before her team engages. She can also conjure a flying bird with Guiding Light. It can be controlled and ends in a blinding explosion, which informs when enemies are caught within its flash.

Skye's Regrowth can heal teammates around her as long as she doesn't run out of energy. This helps reset fights and even the playing field once more.

Her ultimate, Seekers, sends out three beasts that chase after the closest enemies, restricting their vision if they are close enough.

Clearing the way for her teammates into any fight, Skye is extremely useful for any team trying to defend the bombsite in Valorant from a rush or a retake.

Best maps to use Skye - Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Haven, and Split.

Worst maps to use Skye - Fracture and Icebox.

1) Sova


Valorant's Sova is armed with a bow and his trusty Owl Drone. He is undoubtedly the best intel-gathering/recon agent in the game. His abilities include Recon Bolt, which fires an arrow that attaches itself to surfaces, pulsing a sonic wave, pinpointing the locations of nearby enemies, and marking them for his team even through utilities such as smoke.

Owl Drone sends an airborne unit ahead of his team to scout and mark enemies by showing their outlines through objects. This helps his team clear tricky angles and sites before engaging.

Sova's Shock Bolt fires electrically charged arrows that can bounce off surfaces. He uses these to damage or flushes out enemies already marked by his intel. His ultimate is Hunter's Fury, which unleashes his bow to deal long-range damage through structures rendering cover useless.

Being the highest-picked Valorant Initiator Agent in both ranked and tournament play, Sova's presence in the match ensures that his enemies can never expect a fair fight. He punishes anyone out of position and severely cripples their confidence to challenge his team.

Best maps to use Sova - Icebox, Ascent, Bind, Breeze, and Haven.

Worst maps to use Sova - Fracture and Split.

Initiators are extremely important as they can clear spaces and lead the way for the team, helping them be the few of the most used agents in Valorant.

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