7 ultimates with the highest in-game impact in Valorant

Best ultimates to use in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best ultimates to use in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Ultimate of an Agent in Valorant is as powerful as the name implies. Some Agents have Ultimates that are far more effective in a competitive environment than others. Agents like Sage, Breach, and a few others mentioned in this article have Ultimate abilities that supersede their peers.

Valorant has become one of the most popular games, with over a daily million players on average. That's over a million players looking for ways to climb up the ranks in Valorant. In this article, players will find the seven best Agents with the most effective Ultimates.

Agents with the most effective Ultimates in Valorant

7) Brimstone's Orbital Strike


Brimstone is a Controller Agent who specializes in supporting allies to take or hold sites. His Ultimate is named Orbital Strike and does its job, which is to mow down enemies. It costs 7 Ultimate Orbs and launches a lingering orbital strike laser at the location that the player selects.

Brimstone's Ultimate deals extremely high damage to players caught in the selected area for over four seconds and takes a couple of seconds to cast.

6) KAY/O's NULL/cmd


KAY/O is an Initiator Agent in Valorant who has the power to suppress his enemies' abilities, which impedes their ability to fight back. KAY/O's Ultimate ability, NULL/cmd, costs 7 Ultimate Orbs and lasts 15 seconds.

It instantly causes KAY/O to overload with polarized radianite energy and emits large energy pulses from his location, giving him a combat stim. Enemies who are hit with these pulses are suppressed for a short duration. If KAY/O is killed while he's overloaded, allies can revive him.

5) Cypher's Neural Theft


Cypher is a Sentinel Agent who relies on overwhelming enemies with traps, which slow and daze enemies in their range. He relies on gathering information about the battlefield by using his Signature and especially his Ultimate ability.

His Ultimate, called the Neural Theft, costs 6 Ultimate Orbs and can be used on dead enemy players to instantly reveal the location of all the other enemies on the map. Cypher's Ultimate is quite useful, but the only downside is that it needs a downed enemy player to activate it.

4) Killjoy's Lockdown


Killjoy is another Sentinel in Valorant who is a master crowd controller. She uses her Alarmbot and Nanoswarm to deal damage to enemies unlucky enough to get trapped in them. Her turret, on the other hand, can be placed in strategic positions to deal damage to enemies in range.

Her Ultimate, Lockdown, triggers after a long windup and details all enemies caught in its radius. Enemies can destroy the device, so it’s best to protect it until the windup is complete and the Ultimate gets triggered. It costs 7 Ultimate Orbs and detains enemy players for 8 seconds.

3) Breach's Rolling Thunder


Breach is an Agent who belongs to the Initiator class in Valorant, and his kit is designed for crowd control and to inflict damage through walls. His Ultimate is one of the most useful abilities when retaking or clearing a site.

Breach's Ultimate is named Rolling Thunder and costs 7 Ultimate Orbs. It sends a quake that cascades through the map in a large cone and knocks up and dazes anyone caught in it.

2) Sage's Resurrection


Sage is one of the earliest Sentinel Agents in Valorant, whose abilities make her irreplaceable support in the game. Her Ultimate is Resurrection, which can bring dead allies back to life.

Sage's Ultimate ability costs 8 Orbs, and the ally is brought back to life with full health. Her Ultimate is especially useful when it's a clutch situation, or a team needs to swing the balance in their favor by reviving an ally.

1) Viper's Viper Pit


Viper is a Controller-type Agent in Valorant who hails from the United States. Her Ultimate, named Viper's Pit, costs 7 Ultimate Orbs. It creates a large cloud of poison that reduces the field of vision and maximum health of players who go inside it.

Her Ultimate is especially useful in post-plant scenarios or when players need to hold down a site. She can stay outside the poisonous cloud for a maximum of 15 seconds.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's own views.

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