Valorant's 5 best Battle Pass Operator skins so far

Five best Battlepass skins for Operator in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five best Battle Pass skins for Operator in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Since the release of Valorant, Riot Games has ensured their tactical shooter is filled with enough cosmetic items for players to choose from. Players can purchase a brand new Battle Pass for every Act and grind it until the end of each Act. Each Battle Pass is filled with many cosmetic items that players can no longer obtain once the Act is over.


Passes include a lot of other cosmetic items apart from weapon skins. Each pass costs 800 VP (Valorant Points). Upon purchasing, players can enjoy the Battlepass for the entire Act.

The Operator is a weapon that does not get its skin very often in every Battle Pass. So far, only eight total Operator skins have been released through passes.

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Explore these Battle Pass Operator skins in Valorant

The Operator is a highly used weapon in Riot's shooter. It is a mirror copy of the AWP from Counter Strike, but it lacks mobility. With that being said, in the right hands, it is the most powerful weapon in the game.

The Operator's ability to kill an enemy with a single shot above the leg is oddly terrifying. Players are always searching for a decent skin for this weapon, especially those who play Operator-friendly Agents like Chamber and Jett.

5) Striker Operator

Striker Operator from Episode 4 Act 2 (Image via
Striker Operator from Episode 4 Act 2 (Image via

The Striker collection from Episode 4: Disruption, Act 2 is one of the game's most decent-looking Battle Pass skin lines. The Striker skin for Operator stood out because the pass also comes with other cosmetics.

Battle Pass skins provide no animations or sound effects, but Striker Operator does have a unique and flashy color grading for all its variants.

4) Spitfire Operator

Spitfire Operator from Episode 5 Act 1 (Image via
Spitfire Operator from Episode 5 Act 1 (Image via

The Spitfire collection was part of Episode 5: Dimensions, Act 1 Battle Pass. The Spitfire Operator has a unique orange highlight around its scope and specific areas resembling Asiimov, a popular CS:GO skin line.

The Spitfire Operator also has a great color grading, but players cannot have any animation as it is a Battle Pass exclusive skin.

3) Aerosol Operator

Aerosol Operator from Episode 2 Act 1 (Image via
Aerosol Operator from Episode 2 Act 1 (Image via

Much like Spitfire, the Aerosol collection from Episode 2: Formation, Act 2 is also a CS:GO inspired skin. Aerosol shares many similarities with Fever Dream, a popular skin in Counter Strike.

The colors highlight the graffiti-like designs on the body of the weapons. The Aerosol Operator particularly shines as the weapon's body is much bigger, which allows the artwork to pop out.

2) Red Alert Operator

Red Alert Operator from Episode 1 Act 2 (Image via
Red Alert Operator from Episode 1 Act 2 (Image via

The Red Alert collection was introduced in Episode 1: Ignition Act 2 Battle Pass. Red Alert is a perfect balance of two colors that go great. Other weapons from the collection also have equally great visuals for a Battle Pass exclusive bundle.

The Red Alert Operator, in particular, stands out as a clean weapon skin and one of the game's best Battle Pass Operator skins.

1) K/TAC Operator

K/TAC Operator from Episode 3 Act 1 (Image via
K/TAC Operator from Episode 3 Act 1 (Image via

The entire K/TAC collection features some of the best non-premium skins in Valorant. The K/TAC bundle was released with Episode 3: Reflection, Act 1.

K/TAC Operator is the game's neatest Battle Pass Operator skin. Despite having no animations, the Operator skin can go toe-to-toe with some Premium and Deluxe skins.

Players can use these Battle Pass Operator skins if they already own them. Unfortunately, gamers who did not grab the previous passes have no other way of obtaining these skins.

Battle Pass for each Act is only available for a limited time. Once the Act is over, players can only wait for the next pass to arrive.

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