Best Valorant Initiator for each map in Episode 6 Act 1

Best Initiators for each map in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Initiators for each map in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 has been out for quite some time. The new episode brought in a couple of big changes to the game. The biggest one is the removal of the maps, Bind and Breeze, from the map pool for competitive mode. Instead, the old favorite map, Split, has been reworked and brought back alongside the new map, Lotus.

An Initiator is the type of Agent that is very important for the early part of a round during a match. Initiators can get information about the enemy's whereabouts. They also set up the Duelists on their team with the utility to help them get quick kills and early advantage.

In Episode 5's patch 5.12, Valorant saw a lot of changes being made to its Agents. This was done to shift the Agent meta and balance it as much as possible. Due to this, players might find it challenging to choose which Agents to pick for each map in Episode 6.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Explore these Initiator Agents on each map of Valorant

1) Ascent


Ascent was the first map to be introduced with the launch of Valorant. It has two sites and doors that can be opened or closed on each site after using a switch. These doors can be destroyed by shooting bullets at them or a certain utility that does damage.

Sova is considered to be the best Initiator to play on Ascent. Sova offers a lot of utility that can be used to gain information during the beginning. For the attacking side, he can use his Recon Bolt to get information about players on the site or Mid Market. If the Recon Bolt gets destroyed, he can also use his Owl Drone to get the exact location of the enemies. The same has been done for the defensive side. Defensive Sova players are most notorious for using an Odin to kill players in B main once they get tagged.

2) Haven


Haven has been in Valorant ever since the beta stage. The map has three sites, A, B, and C. Haven, that allow for a lot of experimentation with its Initiators, but so far, Sova is considered the best for it.

Due to the large size of the map, early information has become a key aspect of Haven, which is where Sova comes into play. His Recon Bolt can quickly get information about the enemy's whereabouts and give an idea of how the round might turn out.

Multiple rooftops in Haven allow the Recon Bolt to be more impactful during retake scenarios. The Owl Drone is also very effective during these, and the Shock Bolts have plenty of lineups that can be used for post-plant situations. Sova's Hunters Fury is also used to stall plants on this map.

3) Split


Split has existed in Valorant since the beta stage and has seen a lot of changes. Split's uniqueness lies in its verticality and hence has multiple ropes that can be used to get to higher elevations.

Due to Split's narrow structure, Breach is the most impactful Initiator to use on the map. His Fault Line can be used in narrow lanes (like A Ramps) to get killed easily. His Flashpoints last very long and can aid the Duelists in entering a site or in a 1v1 situation.

His most effective utility in Split is the Rolling Thunder, as it quickly covers both sites and can be used to either retake or enter the site.

4) Pearl


Pearl was introduced in Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant. Players have now somewhat warmed up to this map. For Pearl, the best Initiator to use is Fade.

Fade is the most recent Initiator to be released in the game. In Pearl, Fade can use her Haunt to get the exact location of her enemies. Later, she could use her Prowlers to put further pressure on the detected enemies. Her Prowlers come in the absolute clutch while clearing corners of the map and even in Mid Plaza. Finally, her Nightfall is very useful for stalling entries and during retake scenarios.

5) Icebox


Icebox was the fifth map to be introduced in Valorant. It has also seen multiple changes in the past to make it feel more balanced. The best Initiator to use on Icebox is Sova.

Sova's Owl Drone helps get accessible information about the enemy's locations while attacking. For example, the Owl Drone can be used by A Pipes to get information about enemies on the A site. His Shock Bolts have also been used to stall plants at times, and the wide nature of the map allows for some valuable lineups.

6) Fracture


Fracture is one of the most exciting maps in Valorant as it gives the attacking side essentially two Spawn sides to go from. For Fracture, Breach is easily the best Initiator to use.

Breach's Fault Line can be used aggressively right from the get-go. It helps to get an advantage very quickly. On attack, for example, his Fault Line proves very effective at stunning enemies on A main who might potentially be using an Operator.

For defense, A Fault Line from B Main to Tree to help get a quick kill and hence a man advantage. His Aftershocks also prove helpful when done in the default spike plant locations, and his Rolling Thunder, just like other maps, is super useful for entering a site and in Retake scenarios.

7) Lotus


Lotus is the latest map in Valorant and has 3 sites, and is large, just like Haven. But unlike Haven, the map has a lot of narrow sections, multiple pathways, and corners where enemies can hide. As Lotus is new, players are still struggling to decide which Initiator might be the best for Lotus, and the answer is Skye.

Skye can act as a Breach and a Sova in a match. Her Guiding Light can be very effective in flashing an enemy for a long time but can also be used to get information about the enemy's locations.

Her Trailblazer can be very useful in clearing corners in Lotus, and Seekers could prove impactful in sniffing out potential lurks that Lotus gives a lot of room for.

Initiators are easily the most important part of team composition. Initiator players may not get the most amount of kills, but as long as their utility usage is excellent, their impact will always be considered the most in Valorant

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