Valorant streamer discovers game-breaking bug on Split after reworks

Valorant new Split rework A-Site bug (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant new Split rework A-Site bug (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is a game that tries to deliver the most balanced gameplay experience for every stratum of players. The player base and other enthusiasts in the community regularly test its limit to find new bugs and glitches that can hinder the smoothness of the gaming experience.

Split is the most recent map that was taken out of the active map pool rotation from the entire game and sent back into rework. With the upcoming Episode 6 Act 1 update, the map will return as a few others enter their rework stage.

Unfortunately, another game-breaking bug was found on Split by several content creators who abused the map boundaries in-game. Let’s take a look at the latest bug as it prepares to enter the live servers in Valorant soon.

Valorant Split bug creates map structure abuse in-game


Valorant is one of the most dominant esports titles in the entire First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre of online multiplayer games. Riot Games has released the game without too many game-breaking bugs from the beginning.

Other than a few in-game glitches that players could abuse and server issues, Valorant has had smooth sailing so far.

The game is scheduled to receive its next biggest update that will kickstart the start of Episode 6 and introduce a brand new map, Lotus, to Valorant. Split is also scheduled to mark its return with this update on January 10.

Split map bug


A few fortunate players and content creators can access the upcoming in-game content in advance and experience it before it goes publicly live. In one such close-access match, 10 players lobbied together to try out the latest Split rework.

Apart from all the changes made to the map, a player who picked Duelist Agent Jett discovered something that could easily send Split back to rework. Utilizing Jett’s Updraft ability to allow players to spring out and gain vertical distance, the player managed to stand on top of the Attacker side A-Main entry.

This bug appears to be a result of the map structure missing an invisible wall that would restrict players from standing on top of it. If this is the only cause of this new Split bug in Valorant, we can expect Riot to quickly deploy fixes before the update goes live. This would provide the player base with a completely fixed Split map.

The clips of certain players using this bug were uploaded to YouTube and quickly gained traction. The developers can already be expected to work on this newfound in-game bug that can be used to gain an undue advantage on the Split map.

More about Episode 6 update


The Episode 6 Act 1 patch will be a large update as it will bring forth a new Battle Pass with three skin lines, a new playable map, and a menacing weapon bundle.

The new map, Lotus, is expected to debut in Valorant as a separate playable map in the playlist for at least over a week. This would give the player base enough time to learn and navigate around before it enters the competitive queue.

This concludes the details about the latest Split map bug, which can cause the game to break. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates and more details on the upcoming Episode 6 update.

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