Harbor in Valorant: How to play the Indian Agent effectively on Haven

Harbor is the newest Controller in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Harbor is the newest Controller in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 is out with a brand new Controller Agent. The finale of the Episode has brought some promising changes that could help the shooter take the right steps in the near future. Riot Games added the fifth Controller to the roster, changing the game's meta.

Harbor's first showcase led fans to have skeptical opinions about the Agent, but now that the Indian Controller is available to be unlocked in the game, players are having a good time playing around with his kit. Harbor has the potential to thrive on certain maps like the Haven as he possesses the ability to replace Viper in certain ways.

Valorant players are still trying to get a grasp on Harbor's ability to make him work flawlessly on maps. This article will provide tips on how to play the Controller effectively in Haven.

What is Harbor's playstyle in Valorant's Haven?

Harbor is a Controller Agent with a kit that works best to disrupt an enemy's line of sight. With that being said, the Indian Agent really shines on the attacking side.


His kit is somewhat great for retakes as a defender just like any other Controllers in the game, but one can be certain that his abilities were designed for site control when attacking.

Haven is the only map in Valorant that consists of three different plant sites. It favors the attackers as they can play the rotation-game for a long time, baiting defenders to leave their posts often. Harbor is an exceptional Controller on this map considering his kit can be played out pretty aggressively.

Using Harbor's abilities to block majority of lines of sight

Harbor has been introduced to the Agent pool for a day now and players are already getting creative with their kit by applying exceptional tricks to block the enemy's lines of sight.


Harbor's arsenal includes the following abilities:

  • High Tide (E)
  • Cove (Q)
  • Cascade (C)
  • Reckoning (X) (Ultimate)

High Tide is an extremely useful ability due to its flexibility on a map like the Haven. It possesses the ability to curve and can block crucial lines of sight on the map. As a Controller, the High Tide can be useful for both retaking the site from attackers and entering it while pushing the defenders back. For example, players can use the High Tide from the A lobby to curve it and block both defender spawn and heaven on the A site.

Similarly, it can also be used to block garage and defender spawn on the C site while pushing at the same time. For retakes, Harbor players can use the High Tide to curve it any direction they desire. Retaking sites can be done with ease if the High Tide can be used to block off angles like long and shot on A site, and garage and C long on C site.

Apart from his signature, Harbor also possesses a very strong bubble ability, the Cove that thrives on the defender's side. Players can still make it work by blocking the mid-section of the map while attacking and defending. But when it comes to using the Cove more efficiently, it can replace smoke if the team is low on utility. As an attacker, The Cove can be used through lineups to cover A-heaven or defender spawn for A site.

Similarly for the C site, players can use the cove while pushing into the site to block off the garage entrance or defender spawn. Haven is a map with multiple angles. As a defender, players can always utilize the Cove on retakes while defusing the spike as the added layer of protection lasts a few shots.

Harbor's Cascade ability excels at pushing back his enemies. Players can utilize his kit more efficiently through Cascade on a map like Haven. Cascade is a long wall that not only blocks enemies vision, but also advances forward and slows enemies who hit the wall. Harbor players can also prevent the wall from advancing if they desire. Haven consists of areas that are rather tall and difficult to hide from at times.

Players can use the Cascade on areas like A site while the wall from A-short can be used to cover up A-heaven and defender spawn as the team takes site control. Similarly, players can also use the Cascade wall from the C-long cubby to block the enemy's vision on the back of the site on C. Any enemies from the back of the site who hit the wall will be slowed down and become an easy pick.

Cascade can be used paticularly for retaking or defending the site through acting on call-outs. Any pushing attacker will be forced to move away from areas like C, A, or B main due to Cascade.

Synergizing Harbor with other Controller Agents in Valorant's Haven


Harbor's kit could be a bit limiting on Haven at times. As the site has three plant sites with large areas to cover, players may find themselves in situations where Harbor often runs out of utility after faking a single site. When this happens, the best way to play Harbor effectively is to pair him with another Controller.

Brimstone is a great Controller who could serve as the perfect support for Harbor in Haven. With three Smokes already in his kit, Brimstone can easily become the primary smoker for the team as Harbor covers other areas such as the mid-section of the map to confuse the enemies.

Harbor also works well with the likes of Viper where she can put up great post-plant Snake Bites while also using her Toxic Screen wall.

Harbor players may take a while to get a grasp of his kit in Valorant. As the Agent provides a number of smoke utilities, players can expect him to become a great attacker. Harbor's High Tide wall is somehow a better Viper wall, and is a lot more flexible than any other Controller in Valorant.

Valorant players can expect the meta to shift soon as Harbor's addition will also significantly affect the professional scene with the upcoming VCT games.

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