Best Valorant Sentinel for each map in Episode 6 Act 1

Best Valorant Sentinel for each map (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Valorant Sentinel for each map (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant, the popular first-person shooter game, has been a hit since its release in 2020. Its fast-paced action and tactical gameplay has players constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over their opponents. One important factor is choosing the right agent, and this article focuses on the best Sentinel for each map in the game.

To understand the Sentinel's abilities and playstyle, it's crucial to know that they are designed to control and defend areas with their powerful abilities. With that in mind, here are the best Sentinels for each map in Episode 6 Act 1.

Best Sentinel Agent for each map in Valorant



Haven is one of the more hectic maps in Valorant, so having a Sentinel that can keep up with the pace is key. Sage is the best choice for this map. Her Healing Orb, Barrier Orb, and Slow Orb provide the team with powerful defensive options, and her Ultimate can be used to easily turn the tide of a battle.



Lotus is a map that is all about quick reactions and strategic awareness. The best Sentinel for this map is Cypher. His Spycam, Cyber Cage, and Trapwire abilities are perfect for controlling the map, and his Ultimate is great for pushing and defending objectives. Additionally, his Ultimate Neural Theft provides valuable information on the opponent's location.



Certain maps in Valorant have areas that are well-suited for snipers, and Pearl, with its intricate layout, can be particularly challenging for players relying solely on firepower. To overcome this, a trickster who can outmaneuver the enemy is necessary.

This is where Chamber comes into play, with his teleport ability being a key component to navigating Pearl's complicated spaces. His TP, weapons, and Trademark abilities make him a top pick for this map.



Killjoy is widely regarded as the best Sentinel for the Ascent map in Valorant. Her abilities offer a balanced mix of utilities that make her an effective defender on the map. Her Nanoswarm can control areas and disrupt enemy movements, her Alarm Bot gathers information and alerts her team of enemy movements, and her Turret provides cover fire and can eliminate enemies from a distance.

With these effective tools, Killjoy is a valuable asset for defending and controlling key points on the map.



Sage is a formidable Sentinel on Icebox, with her abilities to slow down enemies, create walls, and provide healing, making her a top pick.

Her Wall is an excellent tool to block areas and gain an edge over the enemy. Her Slow Orb, particularly effective on the narrow pathways of Icebox, hinders enemy progress.

Her Healing Orb can be used to provide a quick health boost to allies, which can be especially useful in crucial moments. All of these abilities make Sage an invaluable pick for the Sentinel role on Icebox.



Many players would concur that Cypher is the best Sentinel for the Fracture map in Valorant. With his ability to set up a network of traps, walls, and cameras, he can swiftly scout and map the area, providing his team with a strategic advantage.

His Ultimate, Neural Theft, enables him to scan the entire map and spot lurking enemies. Cypher's versatility and powerful abilities make him a top choice for the Fracture map, capable of turning the tide of any battle.



Valorant's Split map is a great place to utilize Killjoy, as her Turret and Alarm are great for defending key areas. Her Nano Swarm damages enemies that step on it, providing effective protection.

Additionally, her Ultimate Lockdown ability can be incredibly useful for shutting down offensive pushes and retaking a site, giving the team time to take control of the map. Overall, Killjoy's Sentinel, when utilized correctly, can greatly contribute to a team's success on the Split map in Valorant.

Choosing the right Sentinel for each map is crucial in Valorant. Understanding the Sentinel's abilities and playstyle, as well as the map's layout and key areas, can give you a significant advantage over your opponent. Whether you're looking to control and defend areas, slow down enemy movement, or provide cover fire for your team, Sentinels are a must-pick.

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