How to play better with Sentinel Agents in Valorant 

Tips for playing better with Sentinels in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tips for playing better with Sentinels in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's popularity among gamers has reached the sky within just two years of its release. Riot's tactical shooter is currently one of the most popular FPS titles, with a concurrent daily player count of approximately 700,000 to 1,400,000 and an equally popular professional scene.

Since its release in mid-2020, the game has grown exponentially, thanks to developers' constant hard work. The unique theme of the game, in combination with Agents' abilities and tactical shooting, has been the main reason behind the game's success so far.


Valorant currently has a total of 19 Agents in the game, with the introduction of Fade today alongside the release of patch 4.08. All these Agents are divided into four different genres depending on their abilities and work style: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinels. In this article, players will find some tips on how to play better with Sentinel Agents in-game.

Some tips for playing better with Sentinel Agents in Valorant

Agents with defensive mindsets belong to the Sentinel genre in Valorant. There are currently four Sentinel Agents in the game: Sage, Cypher, Killjoy, and Chamber. Here are some tips on how to play better and more impactfully for the team with these Agents.

Composed playstyle on defense:

Sentinel's first job is to defend the site for their team. They need to deny the opponent's entry at the first attempt so that their team can find the time to settle down and stop the enemies from attacking.

For this reason, it is very important for Sentinels to stay alive till the end of the round. Players need to be more composed and patient while playing with Sentinel Agents in the game.

They should always try to keep themselves out of unnecessary fights and wait for the right opportunity to catch their opponent in a vulnerable and off-guard position. This will increase their chances of staying alive longer in the round and provide a better impact on the game.


Play on abilities:

Valorant demands a much more strategic approach to the game due to its unique combination of Agent abilities and tactical shooting. Perfect ability usage is a key part of the game.

Sentinels have some unique abilities that can stop enemies for a bit in their tracks. Sage with her Barrier and Slow Orb, Cypher with his Trap and Cage, Killjoy with her Alarm Bot, Turret and Nano-Swarm, and Chamber with his Trademark can be influential in slowing down enemies. The perfect set-up of Cypher or Killjoy can trouble the opponent as well.


Information gathering and watching flanks:

While defending is the Sentinels' first job, they also have a vital role in attacking. Their abilities are more of a defensive base, and hence it is quite difficult for them to enter the site by playing aggressively. However, they can help their team by taking care of the flanks and backstab. If they can do so purposefully, it will allow a player's teammates to concentrate in other directions and make it easier for them.

However, with Sage, there is hardly any point to flank as with her Healing abilities, she can help her team. Moreover, the perfect usage of Barrier and Slow Orb can make it easier for her team to enter the site.


Sentinel players can help their team by gathering information about enemies' positions. Cypher's Trap and Camera, Killjoy's Turret and Alarm Bots can be instrumental in finding out opponents' locations.

Sentinel players in Valorant can change the game's outcome with their composed and intelligent gameplay. One may not see them on top of the kill leaderboard, but their influence on the team's performance cannot be overlooked.

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