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The Undertaker and Kane are one of the most iconic storyline siblings!

Ranking the 5 best sibling storylines in WWE history

Sibling storylines in WWE are a staple. It adds a layer of emotion to the superstars: how their parents treated each other, what one said about the other, etc.

Such storylines are prevalent due to a shift in fans' attitudes. These stories are about emotion and character development rather than just a wrestler's physical and athletic skills.


There have been numerous sibling storylines in WWE. Today, we'll look at five of the best:

5. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy – 2009

Jeff Hardy goes extreme against Matt Hardy!

Jeff Hardy was WWE Champion at the start of 2009. However, his brother Matt had just lost the ECW title. Jealousy was supreme, and the older Hardy turned heel at the Royal Rumble, costing The Charismatic Enigma his title against Edge.


The betrayal had an extra layer to it, considering Matt's past with The Rated-R Superstar. The feud turned interesting when Matt revealed he was responsible for several fateful incidents in Jeff's life, ranging from ambushes to house fires.

The two had an Extreme Rules match at WrestleMania 25. Matt defeated Jeff after a chair-assisted Twist of Fate. However, the younger brother ultimately emerged victorious by defeating Matt in an "I Quit" Match at Backlash. The brothers later reconciled in 2017.


Hardy Boyz making their return at WrestleMania 33 was WILD

(via @WWE)

The storyline was interesting due to its uncomfortable turn. It featured extreme matches, with both brothers giving their best with tables, ladders, and chairs in a personal saga of bad blood.


#4. Goldust and Cody Rhodes – 2013

Cody Rhodes and Goldust bag the Tag Team titles!

The only storyline on this list with two siblings coming together. While most siblings debut in WWE simultaneously, such as The Usos and The Hardy Boyz, Cody & Dustin Rhodes are 17 years apart in age.

When the Rhodes brothers finally united on-screen, fans rejoiced. It came as a part of an elaborate angle with The Authority. Triple H fired Cody, which prompted retaliation from Goldust (Dustin) and their father, Dusty.

WWE booked a match at Battleground 2013, where all three members of the Rhodes family could earn back their jobs. Cody & Goldust took on Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns in an absolute barnburner, which saw the good guys prevail.

They beat the two Shield members again a few weeks later and won the WWE Tag Team Championship. It led to a good run for Cody Rhodes & Goldust. It eventually led to the debut of the Stardust gimmick in mid-2014.

#3. Edge vs. Christian – 2001

Christian turns heel on Edge!

The seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions were fictional brothers. However, Vince McMahon reportedly split them up because he wanted to refine Edge as a solo superstar. It led to a feud after Edge won The King of the Ring in 2001. Kurt Angle eliminated Christian in the semifinals, and as sibling rivalries go, he developed jealousy for Edge's success.


The storyline witnessed a grave lie where Christian told Edge that their "mother" had been in a car accident before blindsiding him for an ambush. To make matters worse, the heel Christian won the Intercontinental Championship from his "brother" at Unforgiven. He did so in traditional bad-guy fashion. While Edge was distracted by the referee, Christian hit a steel chair on the opponent's groin.

However, Edge came out on top in the feud after defeating Christian in a Ladder Match at No Mercy 2001, retrieving the IC Title.

The rivalry between real-life friends saw all the characteristics of a heel. Christian was manipulative, jealous, and turned on his storyline brother. The babyface Edge received a major push while heel Christian succumbed to the mid-card, where he constantly excelled.

#2. Undertaker vs. Kane – 1998 to 2010

A face-off that witnessed ten years of destruction!

Kane and The Undertaker's backstory is based on their fictional domestic life, a dark and disturbing tale. It was revealed that a young 'Taker intentionally set his family's mortuary on fire, killing his parents and brother Kane. However, the latter survived. He now wore a mask to hide his scars and carried his vendetta to WWE.

Kane made his debut in October 1997 at In Your House: Badd Blood, interrupting the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match, where The Undertaker took on Shawn Michaels. The Big Red Machine ripped the cell door off its hinges before hitting a stunned Deadman with a Tombstone Piledriver as HBK picked up the win.


While they initially reconciled, Kane tricked his brother into burning him alive. They faced off at WrestleMania 14, where it took three Tombstone Piledrivers for The Undertaker to pin him. The Deadman won again at Unforgiven 1998 in an Inferno match, where he set his brother's arm on fire.

Known as The Brothers of Destruction, Kane & Undertaker teamed up and feuded multiple times over the years. The most notable instance was when The Big Red Machine buried Biker 'Taker alive, leading to the return of The Deadman. The Undertaker squashed Kane at WrestleMania 20.

However, the younger sibling had the last laugh, winning all three matches during their 2010 rivalry. While they teamed up years later, this marked the end of the iconic storyline. Fans still remember the sheer shocking suddenness of The Undertaker having a brother.

#1. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart – 1994 to 1997

Trouble in the Hart of the siblings!

Bret and Owen Hart showcased a gripping tale of struggle and envy with a WrestleMania-long storyline involving the WWE World Championship. It's among the greatest in wrestling history and will possibly never be topped.

The spark started at Survivor Series 1993, where The Hart Family won an elimination match against Shawn Michaels and His Knights. Owen was the only Hart eliminated after accidentally crashing into Bret, who was standing on the apron.

Owen's frustrations with Bret boiled over at Royal Rumble 1994, where the brothers lost a tag team title match to The Quebecers. After the match, Owen yelled at Bret for not tagging out and turned on him. Later in the night, Bret overshadowed Owen by winning the Rumble Match alongside Lex Luger. As a result, The Hitman had two matches at WrestleMania 10.

To everyone's surprise, Bret lost his first 'Mania 10 bout to his brother, an epic 20-minute classic. However, The Hitman got the last laugh by defeating Yokozuna and winning the WWE Championship. Owen was consumed with jealousy.


Jim Neidhart, Bret's brother-in-law, sided with Owen, helping him win The King of the Ring Tournament in 1994. He received a guaranteed WWE Title shot at SummerSlam, where the brothers clashed inside a steel cage, with The Hitman retaining his belt.

.@BretHart battled Owen Hart in a Steel Cage #SummerSlam CLASSIC in 1994!

While they remained antagonistic until 1997, their main rivalry concluded with a brilliant No Holds Barred Match on a March 1995 episode of RAW. The storyline witnessed excellent in-ring action and featured heavy emotions, with each development adding layers of sibling jealousy.

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