Who will try to dethrone The Architect?

5 Possible challengers for Seth Rollins' Universal Championship

  • The Architect will have a variety of challengers coming his way
Jayesh Motwani
Modified 12 Apr 2019, 02:27 IST

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has entertained us with some brilliant shows one after the another. WrestleMania 35 was one of the best 'Mania's in recent history and the follow-up Raw and SmackDown Live were also very decent.

At the Show of Shows, Seth Rollins slayed the Beast Incarnate to become the new WWE Universal Champion and that felt like a huge moment for the Architect. That means we are officially in the era of 'Monday Night Rollins,' and that's going to be as resplendent as ever.

During Seth's Intercontinental Championship reign in 2018, he proved why he is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world and with him now having the Universal Championship, expect some show-stealing matches in the coming months.

The Architect will have a variety of challengers coming his way and most of them will be made clear after the Superstar Shake-up. But for what it's worth, here are the 5 Superstars who could challenge Rollins for the Universal Championship:

#5 Lars Sullivan

the freak athlete

While its highly unlikely that the freak athlete, Lars Sullivan could be given a title shot by Vince McMahon so early in his main roster career, stranger things have happened in the WWE before and considering the impact Sullivan has made on his debut, don't be surprised if he faces Rollins on Monday Night Raw next week; only if Sullivan is drafted to Raw.

Lars has made a brilliant debut and he has all the ability in the world to hold his own against someone as experienced as the Architect. Even if he gets a title shot, Lars is likely to lose to Rollins but there is no harm in getting stomped by the face of the company as Sullivan will only get better after that.

While its a long shot for Sullivan to get a chance at winning the Universal Championship, but I for one would love to see him face Rollins as both of them are capable of pulling off an instant classic.

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Published 12 Apr 2019, 02:27 IST