5 Superstars who can form a tag team with John Morrison in WWE

Will a popular and successful former Tag Team return with John Morrison?

Ali Akber
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:14 IST

Will Morrison return to form another great tag team?

This week on WWE Backstage, Ryan Satin confirmed that John Morrison was indeed heading back to the WWE. There were rumors all around social media regarding his return, but Morrison was trying hard to shoot down all such rumors.

Morrison is a multi-time Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion, and fans are thrilled that they will get to see an even better version of Morrison once he hits the WWE ring.

While no details have been released regarding which brand he will be joining and whether he will return as a solo competitor or in a tag team, we know that Morrison’s claim to fame came when he formed MNM with Melina and Joey Mercury.

Overall, Morrison managed to have six Tag Team Championship reigns during his first with the company.

Keeping that in mind, we will look at 5 Superstars with whom Morrison could form a tag team with upon his return to WWE.

#5 EC3

Can Morrison help turn EC3's fortune around?

When debuted with his team MNM, Morrison presented himself as an arrogant wrestler who was above all the other Superstars. The gimmick worked really well for Joey Mercury and himself, and the two men ended up with three Tag Team Championship reigns under their belt.

If the company is looking to bring back Morrison with the same character and feel, it would make sense to pair him up with EC3.

EC3 has a similar character and feels he is the best of the best and in the top 1%. With that said, EC3 hasn’t remotely had as much success on the main roster as the WWE Universe would have expected him to.

To push EC3’s career forward, and to give Morrison a partner who he can work very well with, it’d be a good move to put the two Superstars together once EC3 returns from injury and Morrison debuts.

The duo can work well as a heel team on RAW and with the current RAW Tag Team Champions being faces, we could see some great storylines come out.

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Published 04 Dec 2019, 12:12 IST