5 times Roman Reigns had an incredible match in WWE

The Big Dog Roman Reigns has had plenty of great matches in WWE

Pezo Lutete

The Big Dog has had plenty of great matches in WWE

Roman Reigns was widely praised for his match with Buddy Murphy on SmackDown Live last week. Even though the face of WWE came out on top, Murphy still came out shining like a star and the match was awarded 4 stars by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

Over the years, Reigns has been panned by fans and critics alike for his perceived limited in-ring moveset and mic work. Some of his matches even included chants of "You can't wrestle!" from fans. Reigns, however, proved his doubters wrong several times and through his career, he has competed in matches that left fans hyped and interested.

Reigns is one of WWE's biggest stars and the face of the billion-dollar company. It's only fitting that he puts on a few classic matches here and there to make fans invested in him and look like a credible Superstar. Reigns has wrestled many big names since he signed with the company and he has defeated many future WWE Hall of Famers. He main evented four consecutive WrestleManias and has held almost every men's championship currently active in WWE right now.

So, right here, right now, we'll take a look at some of the best matches Reigns has had in WWE as a singles competitor.

Honorable mentions: Reigns vs Murphy, Reigns vs Strowman (2017), Reigns vs Owens (Royal Rumble '17), Reigns vs Cena, Reigns vs Rollins vs Lesnar (WM31), Reigns vs Styles (Payback 2016).

#5 Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins - Money in the Bank 2016

Reigns defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the returning Seth Rollins

After being forced to relinquish his WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to a knee injury in 2015, The Architect Seth Rollins made an unexpected return at that year's Extreme Rules PPV where he hit Reigns with The Pedigree after the latter's successful title defense against AJ Styles. Rollins believed he never lost the title and he wanted what was rightfully his. The two former Shield members were set to clash for the most prestigious title in WWE at the Money in the Bank PPV in 2016.


The two Superstars put on a clinic and fans were enjoying every bit of it. Rollins tried everything he could to defeat Reigns and reclaim his title. Reigns hit several powerful moves in the match such as the Razor's Edge transitioned into a sit-out powerbomb. Rollins countered several of Reigns' moves and hit a few of his own signature moves. After Reigns was about to hit the Spear, Rollins reversed it and hit his Pedigree finishing move. He delivered another Pedigree to Reigns and three seconds later he became the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. The match was certainly a spectacle.

The celebration didn't last long, however, as Dean Ambrose (now known as Jon Moxley) cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, that he won the very same night, on Rollins and he hit him with a Dirty Deeds to win his first World Title in WWE. All three former Shield members held the WWE Title the very same night.

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Published 20 Aug 2019, 02:30 IST