Ric Flair is making matters worse for himself with each new tweet

Ric Flair deletes tweet poking fun at Chris Kanyon controversy

Abhilash Mendhe

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair isn't doing himself any favors with his latest series of tweets.

The Dark Side of the Ring episode focusing on 'The Plane Ride From Hell' featured an interview with Heidi Doyle, a flight attendant who was on the infamous ride. Doyle accused Flair of sexual assault and the Nature Boy has been the talk of the wrestling world ever since.


Flair has been tweeting a lot over the past few days, hinting that he's innocent. Flair isn't happy with the makers of Dark Side of the Ring and took a shot at them in his latest tweet.

Ahead of 'The Double Life of Chris Kanyon' episode of Dark Side of the Ring, Flair tweeted about his past comments about the late wrestler. He added that it breaks his heart that Kanyon took his comments so hard. You can read all of Flair's comments HERE.

In the same series of tweets, Flair added another comment that was a jibe at Dark Side of the Ring creators. It's clear as day from Flair's tweet that he isn't a fan of Dark Side of the Ring bringing up his controversial past.

For those unaware, Kanyon stated back in 2006 that he was fired by WWE when he admitted he was gay. Flair argued that the reason behind his firing was that he wasn't good enough.

Flair deleted the tweet soon after, realizing that he had messed up big time.

"Next week on Dark Side of the Ring: Ric Flair and Caitlyn Jenner were both born in 1949. Coincidence? Or something more…"
"Dude, stop."

- Cornette, James E.
5:31 AM · Sep 24, 2021

Ric Flair's reputation has taken a big hit over the past few days

Ric Flair's alleged actions on 'The Plane Ride From Hell' have caused major uproar in the wrestling world. WWE noticed the bad publicity Flair was garnering and immediately dropped him from its opening package. Flair has now been replaced by The Ultimate Warrior.

For Every Person That Tries To Tear You Down, You Have Ten More That Will Pick You Up!
7:33 AM · Sep 23, 2021

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam is also someone who angered Flair with his comments on Dark Side of the Ring. Flair accused RVD of trying to destroy his reputation based on an assumption.

A fan tweeted RVD that he doesn't have the guts to stand up to the 72-year-old. The former WWE Champion clapped back and told the fan to tell Flair to meet him outside.

It seems highly unlikely that fans will get to see Ric Flair appear on a wrestling show anytime soon. What are your thoughts on the entire controversy surrounding Flair? Share your comments below!

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