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WWE Rumor Roundup: Retired veteran gets medical clearance, new US title design, Kairi Sane heath update - 16th December 2019

  • Paul Heyman is also high on an underutilized #RAW Superstar.
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WWE offered its final PPV of the decade and the overwhelming response hasn't been all that positive.

Disconcerting reports of a potentially serious injury suffered by Kairi Sane have dominated the news in the aftermath of the PPV. We have an update on her current status and condition.

Two powerful WWE officials were surprisingly not present backstage at TLC as well, which may or may not have affected the quality of the show.

Elsewhere, there was a report about WWE not adding a big title match at TLC.

In addition to speculation regarding TLC, there were interesting stories about Ric Flair, Goldberg, Paul Heyman and a new title deign.

So without any further delay, here are the biggest WWE rumors doing the rounds:


#7. Ric Flair on being medically cleared to get physical, Vince McMahon not allowing him to take a bump at Crown Jewel

Ric Flair was a guest on WrestlingInc's WINCLY podcast and the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about his current physical condition.

The 16-time World Champion claimed that he felt great before revealing that he was given the medical clearance to get physical at Crown Jewel. He even revealed that Vince McMahon shot down the idea of the Nature Boy potentially getting in a physical altercation at the Saudi Arabia show, possibly with Hulk Hogan, during the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair 5-on-5 tag team match. 


Flair explained that his involvement in the match would have helped get over Roman Reigns' big comeback.

Here's what the WWE Legend had to say on the podcast:

"Absolutely fantastic, I feel great. I was just with friends a couple of weeks ago, and it's taken a few years, but I'm back to normal. I'm better than I was prior to getting sick. So, certainly, someone's been watching over me and taking care of me.
I got cleared medically to do something in Saudi and then Vince nixed it. If I would have fed Roman in that huge comeback he made, or tapped Hogan, that would have been the coup de gras. You just wanna give them everything they paid for and sometimes if you're not physically involved, you feel like you're not giving everything you had if you're not physical. I have this gift that God has given me where I don't hurt anywhere, knock on wood."

While Flair may be cleared to get physical, he may not be all that keen on having a full-fledged match.

"Yes... well, no, not wrestle a match. I could get knocked down. Could I wrestle a match? Yes... but I couldn't because it would take me so long to get in that kind of shape. But I could be involved in a spot or take a bump." H/t Credit: WrestlingInc
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Published 17 Dec 2019, 07:26 IST