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Many WWE Superstars have deleted their Twitter over the years

5 WWE Superstars who deleted their Twitter accounts

WWE Superstars work hard to push their gimmicks to the fans and make things work. Social media has allowed them a channel to stay connected to their fans and the rest of the WWE Universe at all times.

However, social media can take a toll on celebrities and well-known personalities at times. Fans have seen many of their favorite superstars take a break from Twitter and Instagram over the years.


Many superstars have even deleted their Twitter accounts for various reasons. While some ultimately reactivated their accounts, others have decided to stay away from certain social media platforms for their own good.

With that said, let's check out the five WWE Superstars who deleted their Twitter accounts.


#5. Mick Foley

The Hardcore Legend has deleted his Twitter account once

WWE legend Mick Foley is known to be active on social media. He has used Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to keep his fans updated on his life outside the ring. Foley has also used his social media platforms to talk about WWE’s programming regularly.

In May 2020, Foley deleted his Twitter account with no reason given. Social media can bring about a lot of negativity, and The Hardcore Legend may have decided to take a break from it all.

However, his Facebook page was active at the time, and he also had an inactive Instagram account. Foley’s daughter Noelle was still active on Twitter and kept fans updated on what he was up to.

The Hardcore Legend has since returned to the social media platform where he continues to post regularly.


#4. Dash Wilder

Dash Wilder deleted his Twitter

Dash Wilder (now known as Cash Wheeler) was part of WWE from 2014 to 2020. During that time, he competed with Scott Dawson as part of The Revival. The two men won tag team championships in the company a few times.

Toward the end of their tenures with the company, they were unhappy with how they were being booked by the company. Their contracts were set to expire shortly after WrestleMania 36, and Dawson tweeted that they could let them expire.

Meanwhile, Wilder deleted his Twitter account instead of making any comments. He let his tag team partner do all the talking on social media as he took a completely different approach to things.

He reactivated his Twitter account after his WWE deal expired. The two men were looking for more creative freedom rather than more money or title reigns. Wilder and Dawson went on to join All Elite Wrestling, where they’ve been making headlines as FTR.


#3. Nia Jax

Nia Jax is no longer part of the company

Nia Jax made her return to RAW in August 2019 and got into a rivalry with Shayna Baszler. Both women were looking to get a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship.

They got into a brawl, and several WWE personnel had to come into the ring to separate them. The feud saw The Irresistible Force unleash on WWE officials who tried to stop her as she tried to tear Baszler down.

After the show, WWE announced that Nia Jax had been fined an undisclosed amount of money for her actions. The company released the following statement:

"Nia Jax has been fined an undisclosed amount for inappropriate contact with multiple WWE officials in the aftermath of her match against Shayna Bazler on Monday’s Raw, WWE.com has learned. The Irresistible Force and The Queen of Spades battle to a double count-out, then steamrolled over security who tried to separate them. Jax capped off the melee by crushing a WWE official with a Samoan Drop. Stick with WWE’s digital and social channels for more on this story as it develops."

The former RAW Women’s Champion deleted her Twitter account soon after the announcement and changed her bio on Instagram. She removed all references to the company from her bio to make a statement.

What’s more, she posted the following somewhat cryptic message on her Instagram story reading:

“The best thing I ever did was become more lowkey and focus on myself”

Jax returned to Twitter soon after and continues to use the social media platform following her release from the company. She currently has over 700,000 followers on the platform.

#2. Shotzi recently deleted her Twitter account

Shotzi with a message of her being fine via her IG stories.

Shotzi was part of the women’s ladder match at Money in the Bank 2022. However, she was unsuccessful at retrieving the briefcase that was ultimately won by Liv Morgan.

Following the match, many fans called Shotzi out on Twitter for her performance in the ladder match. Some fans believed that several of her spots did not go as planned.

The green-haired superstar decided to delete her Twitter account to cut out the negativity. She released a statement on her Instagram account stating that she’s doing fine and trying to stay positive:

"I appreciate everyone checking on me but I swear I'm fine. I have been going through the toughest year of my personal life so it's deeper than nasty comments, but also Twitter has not helped with my already fragile mind state. Just trying to stay motivated and positive. I am focused on my goals and not what's on the internet," Shotzi wrote.

The WWE Superstar is more focused on her goals in and out of the company. She had to delete her Twitter account due to some fans who do not understand how hard a superstar has to work to reach where they are today.

#1. Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has had some problems on social media

In September 2019, Seth Rollins was involved in a rivalry against Rey Mysterio. Ahead of their match on the season premiere episode of RAW, Rollins tweeted that he would “empty the tank for one of the greatest ever."

His tweet led to a battle between him and Sasha Banks on Twitter. The Boss copied Rollins’ tweet and posted a graphic of her alongside her opponent on the same show, Alexa Bliss.

The then-Universal Champion took a shot at Banks and said that he wasn’t looking forward to the match between her and Bliss at all. This led to numerous Banks fans lashing out at Rollins.

It’s not clear whether that was the reason why The Visionary decided to leave Twitter. However, his account was deactivated soon after his interaction with The Boss.

It wasn’t the first time Seth Rollins was in hot waters for his tweets. The superstar called out Will Ospreay in a series of tweets and later apologized for his words once he came to his senses:

"After a few days to sit on it, I'd like to apologize to @WillOspreay for the tweet I sent his way about comparing bank accounts. It was dumb of me & not in line with my values. The moment I pressed the send button I knew it was trash, but I'm too stubborn for my own good. I stand firm in my sentiments that @WWE is the best pro wrestling on the planet and that I'm the best of the best doing it right now,” Rollins said in a series of tweets.

The Visionary has been a little less active on Twitter in recent months. He has been tweeting more responsibly and mainly using the platform to build his rivalries.

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