10 Dragon Ball Super characters who startled everyone with their abilities

Goku's various transformations throughout Dragon Ball. (Image via Twitter)
Goku's various transformations throughout Dragon Ball. (Image via Twitter)

During Dragon Ball Super’s various arcs, so many different characters shocked fans and other characters with their abilities. This is true for both the heroes and villains of Dragon Ball Super alike.

With Dragon Ball Super thus far having been a fantastic celebration of the series’ core values, this is a fantastic dichotomy to see. Both heroes and villains becoming stronger and wowing fans and their cohorts alike with strength. That's what Dragon Ball Super and the whole franchise is all about.

Here are ten Dragon Ball Super characters who startled everyone with their abilities.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinion.

These ten Dragon Ball Super characters stole the show and wowed fans and characters with their abilities

1) Frieza


Frieza returns in fantastic form during Dragon Ball Super’s Resurrection ‘F’ arc. Coming back from the dead and reforming his army, Frieza also unlocks the Golden Frieza powerup.

In this form, the tyrants white and purple becomes gold and purple, as well as receiving a massive powerup. The use of this form in both the Resurrection ‘F’ and Tournament of Power arcs absolutely wowed and satisfied fans everywhere.

2) Cabba


Being introduced in the Tournament of Destroyers arc, Cabba’s accelerated growth is remarkable and certainly noteworthy. Being taught by Vegeta to go Super Saiyan in the Tournament of Destroyers arc, Cabba attempts sharing this knowledge with two other Universe 6 Saiyans.

Reuniting with his master in the Tournament of Power arc, Cabba learns to go Super Saiyan 2 under Vegeta’s tutelage - further wowing fans with his growth.

3) Kale


Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan powerup absolutely blew fans away. The last time fans and characters had seen Kale attempt a Super Saiyan transformation, she ended up crying in failure.

To see her unlock the Legendary Super Saiyan powers during Dragon Ball Super was absolutely phenomenal, and incredibly memorable to fans everywhere.

4) Caulifla


Caulifla also has an incredibly impressive moment in the Tournament of Power. Upon meeting with Goku, Caulifla is taught how to go Super Saiyan 2 during the Tournament of Power.

The young Universe 6 Saiyan achieves the transformation almost instantly, shocking Goku and fans everywhere with such prowess. While Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan transformation shortly overshadows this, it’s still an incredibly impressive achievement.

5) Kefla


When fans realized they were about to see a Legendary Super Saiyan fusion, no one really knew what to expect. Certainly the stick thin, lime-green aura hybrid of Kale and Caulifla was not what was anticipated.

Yet Kefla’s power was incredibly impressive, giving Goku such trouble that he was able to retap into Ultra instinct during their fight. While Goku knocked them out shortly after this, Kefla still boasted incredible power and skills which certainly stuck with fans.

6) Jiren


Jiren impresses both fans and fellow combatants throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc. Even protagonist Goku is awestruck by how powerful Jiren seemingly is.

While some fans criticized his enigmaticness, it played into his buildup as an awe-inspiring powerhouse perfectly. Jiren truly wows everyone with his power during the Tournament of Power.

7) Zeno


Dragon Ball Super’s resident multiversal Omni-King, Zeno, has wowed fans with his power since his first appearance. This was only furthered during Dragon Ball Super’s Goku Black arc, where Zeno erases an entire universal timeline just to defeat Universal Zamasu.

The enigmatic Omni-King’s powers continued to wow beyond this arc as well, with Zeno canonically destroying planets just to have a little bit of fun.

8) Future Trunks


Speaking of Dragon Ball Super’s Goku Black arc, Future Trunks quite literally steals the show while revealing his Super Saiyan Rage form. The son of the Saiyan Prince had fans dropping jaws left and right as he debuted the brand new, incredibly powerful form.

While the Super Saiyan Rage form wasn’t enough to put the Zamasu’s away, it still left a memorable impact on fans for its power and great design.

9) Hit


Hit’s powers were truly some of the most mysterious and thought provoking in Dragon Ball Super when the Time-Skipping Assassin first appeared. Both fans and characters alike were left wondering how Hit was able to move with such speed, yet without using a technique like Instant Transmission.

Adding in the constraint of figuring it out in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Destroyers, and Hit made for an extremely challenging opponent indeed.

10) Goku


Much like the general Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super primarily focuses on Goku’s strength and evolution as he defeats stronger and stronger enemies.

As a result, Goku continually wows fans and cast members throughout Dragon Ball Super. From the Super Saiyan God ritual, to Ultra Instinct, and everything in between, Goku managed to steal the show every arc with some new powerup or form that blew fans away.

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