Top 10 fights in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power arc

The stage where the Tournament of Power was held. (Image via Toei Animation)
The stage where the Tournament of Power was held. (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc was home to many different fights. Some of these had several rematches, whereas others were one-and-done encounters which the Tournament of Power’s structure facilitated.

With such a myriad of fights present in this arc, there are a few that stand out, whether for character development or pure eye-candy reasons. Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc is certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to the series’ animated fights so far.

Here are the top 10 fights in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc.

These 10 fights stole the show in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power arc

10) Goku and Vegeta vs. Universe 9


One of the earliest fights in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc is also one of its greatest. Fan-favorite move Final Kamehameha is used to end this fight, which essentially consists of Universe 9 ganging up on Goku and Vegeta.

While it ends quick and Universe 9’s team isn’t necessarily a threat to Goku and Vegeta, this fight still has great visuals.

9) Jiren vs. Vegeta


While the clash ended in somewhat of a beatdown for the Saiyan prince, it did give Vegeta a fantastic character moment. Vegeta tries to awaken Ultra Instinct to fight Jiren, and does dodge a few of the latter's punches, but eventually decides to find his own way.

8) Master Roshi vs. Frost


The Master Roshi vs. Frost fight is both a great battle and an awesome moment for fans. In Dragon Ball Super, the Z Fighters are somewhat irrelevant prior to the Tournament of Power, and even then after their inclusion, fans were skeptical of their importance.

To see Master Roshi successfully use the Evil Containment Wave and nearly net a win for his team is a fantastic moment in a great fight.

7) Jiren vs. Hit


Although quick, Jiren vs. Hit did a great job of showing both how strong Jiren was and how rapidly the stakes were raised throughout Dragon Ball Super. During the Tournament of Destroyers, Hit’s Time-Skip was a trump card which none but Goku had an answer for.

Now just a short time later in the Tournament of Power, the Time-Skip literally had no effect on the strongest warrior there. This is evidenced by Jiren’s perfect prediction and blocking of Hit’s attacks when the assassin exits Time-Skip.

6) Universe 7 vs. Universe 3


This was a great fight as it showcased the remaining Universe 7 warriors team up as one large group for the first time all tournament. Taking on Universe 3, the group of Gohan, Goku, Android 17, Android 18, Vegeta, and Frieza trade blows with the individual Universe 3 members.

Universe 3’s fighters then combine into Agnilasa, leading Universe 7’s heroes to team up for one major strike in one of Dragon Ball Super’s best fan-service moments.

5) Ultra Instinct Sign Goku vs. Jiren


Coming in Dragon Ball Super’s only hour-long episode, Ultra Instinct Sign Goku vs. Jiren was a fantastic fight which hyped fans up incredibly. Goku’s brand new transformation was finally on the small screen, and it seemed to give him the edge needed to stand against Jiren.

While it was over fairly quickly, it teased major things to come and is easily one of the best fights in both the Tournament of Power and Dragon Ball Super.

4) Goku vs. Kefla


Goku vs. Kefla was an amazing fight for so many reasons. Fans had just been introduced to Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan, as well as seeing Ultra Instinct Sign Goku return for the first time.

Goku’s arrogance about the fight being a warmup was great to see, as is the amount of effort Kefla is putting into winning this fight.

Finally, Goku’s skating Kamehameha to eliminate Kefla is one of the most exciting scenes in Dragon Ball Super.

3) Vegeta vs. Toppo


Vegeta vs. Toppo has so many different reasons for being one of the Tournament of Power’s best fights. Both fighters debut a brand new form here, those being Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and a God of Destruction form, respectively.

The two are also the respective “second fiddles” of their teams, as Toppo consistently points out to Vegeta’s chagrin. Seeing this clash of philosophies from two “second fiddles” made for one of the best Dragon Ball Super fights.

2) Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Jiren


Seeing Goku finally activate the full version of Ultra Instinct was a fantastic moment for fans everywhere. Fans who’ve grown up watching Goku go through the various Super Saiyan stages in DBZ felt like they had returned to their childhood again.

Newcomers also got a taste of just how great Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball as a whole can be at their absolute peak moments. This fight encapsulates everything great about the Dragon Ball franchise.

1) Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 vs. Jiren


The finale to the Tournament of Power, this fight is one of the most exciting and engaging in all of Dragon Ball Superl. Seeing old enemies team up as new friends is an amazing moment for longtime fans of the series.

The action sequences here are also amazing, with the entire fight being a back and forth between two groups before Frieza and Goku are finally able to eliminate Jiren. This is, without a doubt, the best fight in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc.

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