10 most powerful poison users in anime

Sesshomaru’s yokai form in the Inuyasha anime (Image via Sunrise Studios)
Sesshomaru’s yokai form in the Inuyasha anime (Image via Sunrise Studios)

The ten most potent poison users in anime may be narrowing it down a bit, but it has valuable information regarding this type of attack. For generations, people have used poison to kill kings, upend nations, or even control the rat population.

Poison is a silent killer that keeps on giving no matter what the occasion is.

It's recently been adopted into media of all types. Anime is another aspect of this new phenomenon of this old trope.

But in anime, it's used primarily as a physical or magical weapon. In shonen anime, this sentiment rings true to those who have spent years consuming it. Poison-like weapons are hard to come by, however.

Ultimately, using these deadly abilities can make an anime character stand out or have them fade into the background. Not all fade, however. In fact, some blossom into something indescribably good or evil.

Top ten poison users in anime, including Sesshomaru

1) Sesshomaru - Inuyasha

Sesshomaru has the poison claw ability (Image via Sunrise Studios)
Sesshomaru has the poison claw ability (Image via Sunrise Studios)

Sesshomaru has the power to secrete toxins from his poisonous claws by way of force. It's a deadly ability that can range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful.

Some toxins are produced naturally in the claws and can enter their victim without so much as a bloody opening. Once Sesshomaru's claws dig deep into his foes' skin, there is nothing that will save them.

2) Lavender- Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super anime's Lavender is practically a master of the poisonous arts (Image via Toei Animation)
Dragon Ball Super anime's Lavender is practically a master of the poisonous arts (Image via Toei Animation)

Lavender is a poisonous wolf capable of producing natural toxins in his body, which he uses as ki at some point in the anime. Practically a master of the poisonous arts, Lavender has multiple abilities.

He can enhance his physical strength using poison and infect someone so severely they may rot or become blind from the intrusion. Even if Goku was immune to his poison, others weren't so lucky.

3) Magellan - One Piece

Magellan (Image via Toei Animation)
Magellan (Image via Toei Animation)

With the power of Doku Doku no Mi, Magellan can transform his entire body into a living toxic waste that would rival the most contaminated junkyards. With this ability, he's able to produce his own poison and directly affect the target.

The Kinjite, his most potent poison, is so toxic that once it spreads onto one surface, it will envelop the entire object with nothing left to give.

4) Torune Aburame - Naruto


Torune Aburame practices a forbidden jutsu that involves gathering infected corpses and waiting until their bodies produce enough decay to where the insects can be used for combat purposes.

The insects can be used to poison a target, and if Torune himself touched an opponent with his bare hands, they would experience immense pain and torment.

5) Samael - High School DxD

He has a draconic curse (Image via Yen Press)
He has a draconic curse (Image via Yen Press)

Samael has the ability to slay dragons and snakes with the power of poison. The overwhelming toxicity could make for an agonizing death if one were unlucky enough to be in its line of fire.

A dragon-slaying curse, Samael wields it like a charm, and his ability can even down the strongest of foes in no time at all. His poison was so ingrained into his soul that it became part of his bloodstream, so even his blood may cause his foe's death.

6) Mayuri - Bleach

A scientist by nature, Mayuri is an expert in all things chemically related. Of course, he utilizes one such ability in battle, the Shiaki technique.

When activated, this weapon can secrete poison and, depending on the intervals, can cause a poison to paralyze its victim. A poison so meticulous and horrid, it quickly drains the life of its unfortunate victims.

7) Zen - Nurarihyon no Mago

Zen’s wings are imbued with poison (Image via Viz Media)
Zen’s wings are imbued with poison (Image via Viz Media)

Zen is a yokai with little combat expertise on the battlefield, yet a significant amount of poison in his wings, if he chooses to unfurl them. A highly toxic chemical resides in his wings, which he uses to help Rikuo in the heat of battle.

When in combat, Zen infused Rikuo's sword with poison so it would have roughly the same components as a regular toxin.

8) Hanzo the Salamander - Naruto

Infused with the sac of a salamander, Hanzo absorbed its abilities until he could control them like they were his own. While fighting certain opponents, he'll remove his mask and exhale a fume of toxic gas so terrible that it may kill a man in two days.

Hanzo himself is weak to his ability if someone were to pierce the sac, thus rendering him immobile after a matter of minutes. Even when he was resurrected in Naruto Shippuden, he was still a fearsome opponent.

9) Gordon - Black Clover

Gordon has a unique ability in the art of poison magic, a type of deadly ability. He has the power to manipulate this curse magic with the power of grimoire. A deadly ability, this insidious magic can cause a victim to grow sick and fall into death's arms.

An expert in curse magic, Gordon can also turn poison into antidotes. He breaks apart the components of the toxins and rearranges them into a non-lethal dose. A fearsome addition to Black Clover, Gordon never fails in his art of darkness.

10) Erik - Fairy Tail

Erik is poison incarnate to some in the anime, though he was implanted with a Dragon Lacrima, which gave him this advantage over humanity. One of his abilities is blowing toxic breath in an opponent's face. They're effectively paralyzed for a few minutes until he can incapacitate them.

When implemented well, the victim will feel weakened and in a state of fatigue before their body begins to slowly shut down. Later, the poison finally takes hold and kills them.

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