Every Hokage in Naruto, ranked from least likable to most

Hokages in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)
Hokages in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)

Every shinobi in Naruto who has ever been a Hokage is incredibly powerful. Popularity alone does not lead to a ninja being graced with the prestigious title of a Hokage. They must also safeguard and look after the well-being of the citizens of their village. We have encountered seven renowned Hokages in the series, each highly influential and well-loved by their fellow townsmen.

This list ranks the Hokages in terms of their likability.

Disclaimer: The article was updated to reflect the power ranking changes that came into effect as the story progressed further.

All Naruto Hokages, ranked based on likability

7) Tobirama: The Second

Hokage (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Naruto)
Hokage (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Naruto)

Tobirama was crowned the greatest and counted among the most formidable kages during his time, with even his adversaries applauding him. Tobirama's power was unparalleled during his tenure as Hokage, according to Danzo Shimura. He instituted several changes while maintaining Hidden Leaf's influence.

Hiruzen's appointment as Kage by Tobirama had a crucial role in the development of the Great Ninja War. However, his decision to isolate the Uchiha Clan from the rest of the village marked a significant turning point for the town's future generations.

Tobirama was a fantastic ninja and a great leader, but as he had only ever seen combat as a child, unlike his brother, he had a cautious and severe nature that turned many fans of the series against him.

6) Tsunade: The Fifth

Tsunade, the fifth kage (image via Studio Pierrot)
Tsunade (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Naruto)

As the fifth Hokage, Tsunade is without a doubt one of Konoha's most powerful ninjas, along with being a legendary Sannin. Tsunade is counted among the most formidable kunoichis in the tumultuous history of the Naruto universe. Even Madara Uchiha acknowledged once that Tsunade was befitting and well-deserving of the title of Hokage.

Tsunade was never chosen to be the Hokage despite being a wonderful medical ninja and having accomplished much in her specialty. Before she was chosen for the position, Jiraya was taken into consideration, and some of these circumstances slowed down her rise to the top. Strength-wise, she could be one of the weaker Hokage.

5) Kakashi: The Sixth

Kakashi, the sixth Hokage (image via Studio pierrot)
Kakashi (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha)

Kakashi has a unique set of abilities, which sets him apart. He's a skilled ninja and guerilla fighter who can also hold his own in direct combat. Kakashi also has a brilliant mind and is one of the sharpest people in the series.

As a natural leader, he looks for loopholes and exploits them to benefit his own team. He's also a master at deception, tricking opponents with his ready wit. He's a rapid thinker and an excellent problem solver, which helps him to combat adversaries quickly as a Hokage.

4) Hiruzen: The Third

Hiruzen one of the Hokages in Naruto (Image via pierrot)
Hiruzen one of the Hokages in Naruto (Image via pierrot)

In his heyday, Hiruzen was regarded to be equally intense as Hashirama. He had mastered every Konohagure Jutsu and could manipulate all 5 chakra natures. Even in his elderly years, after he had formally retired, he could easily defeat Orochimaru and Edo Hokages, who were regarded as Kage-level warriors by the ANBU. Hiruzen, on the other hand, did not want confrontations between old acquaintances.

5) Minato: The Fourth

Minato as seen in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Minato as seen in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Minato, more popularly renowned as the Yellow Flash, has defeated thousands of regular shinobis such as Chunins and Jonins with his sheer strength and power. Minato had topped the Academy, and his scores were later equalled by Itachi Uchiha.

Minato, who built himself as a Hokage and was only nominated on the basis of his skill, was considered to be the chosen one and among the heroes of the Third Ninja War. He displayed his might and brilliance by saving Kushina from the Kumo ninjas and giving his life for the village.

3) Naruto: The Seventh

Naruto, the Seventh Hokage (image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto, the Seventh Hokage (image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto outdid himself throughout the series, pushing until he became the kage of the village he loved so dearly and earned the admiration of the people around him. Naruto's wish finally came true after all the grief and agony he had experienced on his journey.

While being the conduit for a terrifying fox caused him to be despised by the other ninjas, he was able to learn tremendous techniques because of it, making him one of the most loved Kages in the history of Naruto.

1) Hashirama: The First

Hashirama (image via Studio pierrot)

Hashirama: The First

(image via Studio Pierrot)

Hashirama was perhaps the most powerful Shinobi of his time, a step ahead of Madara Uchiha, who defeated the Five Kages without even unleashing his real abilities against them.

Hashirama could equal masters like Hiruzen in Taijutsu, and he could use Genjutsu to keep a target in interminable darkness for the length of the technique. Hashirama has also demonstrated his ability to surpass the Nine-Tails.

Hashirama was a kind-hearted person, despite being the god of Shinobi. He single-handedly created the Hidden Leaf Village, and there were no wars while he was ruling Konoha.

In summation

Each Hokage are great leader in their own way, the significance of the personalities remained unaffected by the Hokage's rankings. Hashirama established the shinobi foundation, but other Hokages worked with him to make improvements so that the next generation would have a better future. It is important to remember that success is subjective and that each Hokage made a substantial contribution to the development of the Naruto world.

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