10 strongest spells in Fairy Tail, ranked

Fairy Tail characters (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)
Fairy Tail characters (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)

Fairy Tail is still one of the most popular fantasy shonen series today. It exposed viewers to a whole new world of magic, complete with unforgettable characters and a gripping story. The great diversity of magic kinds on exhibit was one of the anime's key draws.

Each character has a special skill, whether it's the capacity to disintegrate anything that comes within its range or the ability to alter time. In this article, we have ranked 10 of the strongest spells in Fairy Tail, which would take a lot to master.

Most powerful spells in Fairy Tail

10) Copy Magic


Copy Magic is used to duplicate any spell. August could replicate and neutralize any sort of magic, regardless of its strength. Holder Type and Dragon Slayer spells were the two exceptions.

Aside from those two, users may copy and master any other type of magic. As a result, any conflict with August is guaranteed to be one-sided. In the universe of Fairy Tail, Copy Magic is arguably among the most powerful magic forms.

9) Take Over Spell


It goes beyond saying that Transformation Spell is powerful. However, Take Over Magic takes it to another level. This permits the caster to take control of another entity's power and utilize it as their own.

The main disadvantage is that wizards using this sort of power must thoroughly understand the creature they're controlling. Beast Soul is an example of the Take Over Magic form we've seen in Fairy Tail being used by Mirajane.

8) Requip Spell

Erza Scarlet, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)
Erza Scarlet, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)

Erza's prime magic is unquestionably one of the greatest we've ever seen. The ability to create weapons out of thin air seems lethal and powerful on its own, but there's a lot more to it.

Requip Magic lets users store things in a micro realm and summon them whenever they want. While used mainly for armament, a caster could use it for anything they desire.

While Requip Magic might be relatively innocuous, for witches like Erza, it becomes a crucial and dangerous tool. It not only allows users to customize their gear during combat, but it also enables them to summon weapons of their preference if they require a piece of different equipment for a particular fight.

7) Arc of Time


A form of Lost Spell, this was deemed so strong and terrible that all its information was erased from the face of the earth, or so it was thought. Arc of Time was regarded as a threat since it controls time. It cannot be used to travel through time or cause death, but it may affect anything else in the user's vicinity.

Someone with the foresight to use this effectively might decompose the earth beneath their opponent, leading them to plummet to their death. Alternatively, one may hurl an item at them and accelerate the object's time, causing it to travel at super speeds.

6) Dark Écriture Spell

Today’s dark magic user otd isFreed Justine from Fairy Tail! He can use a type of rune magic called Dark Ecriture, which can cause harm, stop someone from fighting, or affect emotions. He is called Dark Freed, and he can transform into a demon! 💚💚

While this magic does not alter reality, it does allow users to legislate a whole area with the sole power of their magic. In essence, users might state anything out of their will, and it would become true. It is still possible for the strongest magicians to break through, but it will not be simple for them.

This can also be used for teleportation, metamorphosis, poisoning, or just inflicting agony. While it lacks the awe-inspiring OTT glamor and potency of most of the other spells, its sheer variety and applications in the hands of the appropriate person make it incredibly strong.

5) Devil Slayer Spell

Gray Fullbuster, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)
Gray Fullbuster, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)

Devil Slayer Spell is extremely similar to other types of Slayer Magic, such as God and Dragon Slayer Magic. However, it does have its own special boon, making it slightly more lethal. For example, this sort of magic is said to be harder to learn, and problems might develop if one mismanages it.

The Devil Slayer Wizard has a unique ability to gain knowledge about any demon simply by staring at them. While Devil Slayer Charm is designed to seek and slay demons and allows the caster to devour their element, it's not unusual for these casters to lose their stability over time. This is due in part to the chaotic nature of magic in nature.

4) Crash Spell

Gildarts Clive in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)
Gildarts Clive in Fairy Tail (Image via A1 Pictures Studio)

This sort of magic falls under the genre of Caster Magic. It is an extremely powerful form of magic that is only employed by the most powerful magicians. Users get superhuman strength and can shatter huge items into little fragments and particles.

With just a little shove, this sort of magic may send the opponent soaring across the sky, making it ideal for close hand-to-hand combat. This is how Gildarts Clive works his magic.

3) Fairy Law


With Makarov's battle choice, viewers are exposed to this maneuver. Fairy Law is considered among the strongest and rarest. This move is unique in that it can harm people whom the caster considers being an adversary in their hearts. However, all pals and passersby are protected from harm.

A fascinating aspect of how foes are chosen is that even if your mouth lies to the magic, your heart cannot. Since this spell is meant to prevent opponents from continuing combat, it should only be employed after careful thought. It's worth noting that, despite Mavis' efforts to strengthen the spell, the more victims a caster binds, the further prone it is to shorten their longevity.

2) Ankhseram Black Spell

Zeref is the best villian in shonen

The Ankhseram Black Spell is one of the most devastating forms of magic. This type of dark magic, which is primarily used by Zeref, has established a repute by being capable of killing anyone it comes into contact with. This is owing to its ability to create vast quantities of black miasma.

As its name suggests, the Ankhseram Black Spell cannot be taught. Instead, it punishes its victims, turning them into walking bombs for the most part. Anything within a specified radius of the user will perish if they lose control. This magic is extremely unstable if the caster isn't acclimated to it. If it isn't frightening enough, the fact that it is a genuine curse should suffice.

1) Dragon Slayer Spell

Natsu's Dragon Slayer Spell, as seen in Fairy Tail (image via A1 Pictures studio)
Natsu's Dragon Slayer Spell, as seen in Fairy Tail (image via A1 Pictures studio)

Yet again, Natsu tops the list. This form of magic falls under the genre of Caster-type Antiquity Spell. Without Natsu's extraordinary Dragon Slayer prowess, no Fairy Tail wizardry would be complete.

This style of magic is also known as Lost Magic since it allows the person to transform into a dragon. It enables people to truly embody their element. Natsu eventually takes up dragon-like traits in his limbs and a portion of his face.

The power renders them impervious to their element and lets them use it as energy. When Natsu consumes fire, he has access to some of his power's abilities. It's undoubtedly a smash hit, and at the heart of it, it's really effective.

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