Which Fairy Tail anime character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Fairy Tail characters (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Fairy Tail characters (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Fairy Tail is one of the most legendary anime series of all time, with a wide range of characters. This band of friends and employees work together to gain money and defend one another from danger by using their charms.

Each character has their own personality and motive for joining the guild. Having faced several complexities, the bonds they share have never weakened. Many of them appear to be linked to certain zodiac signs, making it simple for people to figure out who they most closely resemble.

Zodiac-based Fairy Tail characters

Aries - Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Erza Scarlet, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Like the Aries sign, Erza is the personification of passion. She has a stern demeanor, frequently criticizing other guild members' bad conduct and habits, prompting the majority of them to repent for fear of incurring her fury.

Erza is also irritable, and she dislikes individuals who don't respond to her queries soon enough. However, People born under the sign of Aries are known for their unwavering devotion. They're the ones who guide folks out of the shadows.

She's the grumpiest and most driven among the Fairy Tail group, and she's always ready to take down a foe. However, Erza appears to hold the reins in the guild and has a compassionate heart that is often shrouded by her heartless facade.

Gemini - Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Fernandes (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Jellal Fernandes (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Geminis are adaptable, outgoing, and perceptive, and they are often perceived as the soul of the group. They are also renowned for hiding their pain under their beautiful smiles.

Due to his tragic history, wherein he handled things terribly, Jellal Fernandes has metamorphosed into different personalities in Fairy Tail. On the other hand, he is a driven and optimistic leader. He is devoted to his family. As a result, Jellal is capable of doing anything for them.

Additionally, he is a formidable opponent. He's mature and laid-back, which are characteristics shared by many Geminis. Being a sympathetic and helpful companion, he strives to make amends for his previous choices.

Taurus - Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Juvia Lockser (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Gray Fullbuster is Juvia Lockser's greatest obsession in Fairy Tail. She considers him hers and is highly possessive of him, which is characteristic of a Taurus.

Taurians are driven by a strong need for personal security. They have a burning urge for opulence and satisfaction, which could also result in feelings of desperate need, as is seen in the case of Juvia's undying love for Fullbuster.

Taurus is a stoic and realistic sign. Juvia and other Taurians like looking at beautiful objects and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Leo - Happy

Happy in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Happy in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Exceed, Happy, is among the Fairy Tail guild's few non-human members. He's witty and mischievous, especially when it comes to Lucy.

Leos are known for being energetic, entertaining, passionate, and sincere in their personal relationships, exhibiting their zest for life. On the other hand, Happy occasionally reveals darker aspects of his personality, such as when he makes remarks about his companions' terrible remnants of Magic.

Libra - Gildarts Clive

Gildarts seems to be a lone wolf in many ways. However, he has complete trust in the guild's ability to do the job and believes that the guild will be in excellent hands with the upcoming era of Mages.

Gildarts' fighting attitude is akin to Natsu's, wherein he keeps his opponents in high esteem and values them. His cheerfulness and optimism are characteristics shared by fellow Libras, who are keen on maintaining balance and have a pleasant outlook on life.

Scorpio - Zeref Dragneel

Zeref, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Zeref, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Scorpios might be difficult to comprehend since they don't always express themselves clearly. They're deeply emotional folks who want to be alone and in a tranquil setting.

Zeref Dragneel has a complicated personality since he has spent most of his life committing atrocities. His introverted nature is vividly portrayed in his willingness to be left alone. He is a totally different guy in the contemporary period, and he regrets the past and the countless Demons he has unleashed on the earth.

Zeref is a complex man who wants to atone for his mistakes. Scorpios are extremely reasonable thinkers. Therefore, they excel at making split-second decisions.

Cancer - Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is a Cancerian who also happens to be the anime's protagonist. He's boisterous and self-assured. Natsu is a careless and impulsive individual who is a passionately devoted and protective friend despite his many scuffles with the other Fairy Tail members. He is prepared to battle to the death for his buddies, no matter how pointless it may appear.

Cancerians are immensely devoted to their loved ones and are very dedicated. Like other cancers, Natsu prioritizes his friends and family and will go out of his way to protect them, regardless of the cost.

Sagittarius - Mirajane Strauss


Sagittarians are outgoing, cheerful extroverts who draw admiration from all who come into touch with them. They are intelligent, loyal, and sympathetic. Motherly affection is found to be elicited by some Sagittarians, so they handle everybody with compassion and adore them.

Mirajane is a stunning woman who proves to be a much-needed motherly figure in Fairy Tail. She is kind, smart, and affectionate, the perfect broth for a typical Sagittarian. But she comes with a 'not to be meddled with' sign. If you manage to irk her enough to use her full potential, you are in for a long ride.

Capricorn - Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Lucy Heartfilia (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The intricate dual nature is reflected in Capricorn's natural personality. The differences are very evident when it comes to the sign. One-half of the symbol is ambitious, haughty, and conceited.

Lucy is extremely self-assured about her good looks and frequently exudes a certain degree of vanity in her beauty. Despite her outward appearance, she is a bright, kind, and genuine caretaker. Capricorns like Lucy are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their lives.

Aquarius - Gray Fullbuster


Aquarians are mature, self-sufficient, intelligent, extraordinary, and hopeful. Gray used to be headstrong and reckless, but as he's become older, he's developed a more careful demeanor towards life and approaches challenges with caution. He cares deeply about his teammates and is devoted to his guild, yet he occasionally engages in trash talk.

Aquarians like Gray tends to defy categorization, yet their need to be in charge may leave them feeling severely hurt if they are denied.

Virgo - Cana Alberona

Kid Cana, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kid Cana, as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Cana Alberona spends most of her leisure time and cash on booze. Nonetheless, she is pivotal in Fairy Tail. Virgos are systematic and rapid thinkers, yet they are constantly worried and anxious due to their high mental activity.

In challenging situations, she is a natural leader. Her capability to take charge of a bad situation and turn things around aligns her with this sign.

Pisces - Wendy Marvell


Wendy is a quiet and charming young lady. Carla, her Exceed companion, is usually around her since they have such a tight bond. She is really keen to meet new people.

This zodiac sign has a strong sense of empathy. Pisces have the potential to empower you, and they're very approachable and friendly. Wendy is a little Pisces who, like others, may brighten your day. All your problems go poof with one glance at the adorable smiling face.

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