3 times Tanjiro saved Nezuko in Demon Slayer (& 3 times she saved him)

Some of the times Tanjiro and Nezuko have saved each other in the series (image via Ufotable)
Some of the times Tanjiro and Nezuko have saved each other in the series (image via Ufotable)

Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado are some of the most beloved characters in Demon Slayer who have fought demons together on various missions. The first season of the series features events that set the story in motion.

Nezuko turned into a demon and Tanjiro went to extreme lengths to ensure she didn't get slaughtered by Giyu. But Nezuko protected Tanjiro and didn't consume his flesh, which led to Tomioka believing that she's not like the other demons.

Tanjiro, along with Sakonji Urokodaki make a strong case to the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, requesting them to let Nezuko live. Since then, she has accompanied her brother on various missions and offered assistance during tough battles.

Note: The list is in no particular order.

Demon Slayer: 3 times Nezuko helped Tanjiro

1) Nezuko kicks the Temple Demon's head


The Temple Demon was the first ever demon that Tanjiro came across in the series. He struggled to battle against it, with little more than an axe at his disposal. But Nezuko came to his rescue and kicked the demon’s head with a force strong enough to decapitate it. That’s when he realized that his younger sister had enhanced physical abilities, now that she was a demon.

2) The fight against Rui


Rui was undoubtedly one of the strongest demons Tanjiro had faced in the first season of the series. The difference in skill and strength was quite apparent as Tanjiro struggled to keep up against him. But even when Tanjiro was performing the Hinokami Kagura, Rui was able to maintain his distance and evade Tanjiro’s attacks. It was at that moment that Nezuko came to his rescue and performed her Blood Demon Art, giving her brother the opening to strike Rui.

3) Tanjiro vs Daki


Tanjiro was up against an Upper Moon 6 demon, Daki, who was quite powerful and managed to drive him into a corner. There was a brief moment when Tanjiro almost killed Daki, but ran out of breath since his body couldn’t handle moves from the Breath of the Sun.

Just when Daki was about to kill him, Nezuko appeared out of nowhere and landed a few blows on her. Following this, she underwent a new transformation which enabled her to beat Daki to a pulp.

3 times Tanjiro saved Nezuko in Demon Slayer

1) Giyu Tomioka


The very first episode showed how Nezuko turned into a demon when Tanjiro went to the nearby village to sell charcoal. When Nezuko turned into a demon and tried to eat Tanjiro, he desperately screamed at Nezuko, asking her to revert back to her human state.

That’s when Nezuko’s tears trickled down her cheeks and he realized that she’s able to understand his words. Giyu Tomioka almost killed her in an instant but Tanjiro put his life on the line and moved Nezuko away from the sword’s trajectory.

2) Tanjiro tripped Kanao while pursuing Nezuko


This took place before Tanjiro could explain this bizarre situation to the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanao was pursuing Nezuko as she thought it was just another demon that needed to be killed. But Tanjiro tripped her in order to buy his sister some time for her to run away from the other members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

3) The fight against the Swamp Demon


The siblings fought against the demon responsible for abducting girls and women at night. Nezuko did a great job fighting against them, but one of the attacks was about to hit her since she couldn’t react to it in time. Fortunately, Tanjiro appeared from above and managed to cut the demon's limbs in an instant, saving her sister from getting hurt.