8 anime where the main character is overpowered but hides it

Saiki K. (Image via J.C.Staff)
Saiki K. (Image via J.C.Staff)

Strength manifests in many forms. Most anime fans have dreamt at one point or another about possessing the powers that their favorite characters have. How it would feel, what responsibilities would come with it, and the most entertaining thought of them all: How would we use that power?

It turns out that having overpowered strength isn't the dream we think it would be. Many anime protagonists feel the need to hide their incredible abilities, and for good reason. This article will cover eight anime protagonists who wish to keep their strength hidden.

Why these 8 anime protagonists hide their strength

1) Saiki K. - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusou Saiki has an endless arsenal of psychic powers. He is constantly saving the world (and his social life) from catastrophe. However, he would rather live out his days unbothered and alone.

Due to his desire to be an average person, Saiki strives to keep his abilities a secret. How would he ever find peace and quiet if his classmates were always awaiting his next feat? This hilarious anime follows Saiki as he navigates the complex dichotomy of being an overpowered psychic and a mild-mannered high schooler.

2) Saitama - One-Punch Man

Saitama is a hero for fun. That means he clocks into work only when he feels like it. Being the strongest living creature has taken a toll on the protagonist's mental health. His biggest desire is to fight someone worth his time (someone who won't be obliterated by one punch).

Unless something piques his interest, a friend is in danger, or humanity is facing a massive threat, Saitama chooses not to show off his might. His decision is more of a consequence of his apathy than an active choice.

3) Guts - Berserk

"The Black Swordsman" carries a sword so massive that it dwarfs even his huge build. Guts is marked with the Brand of Sacrifice, meaning that he is constantly attacked by demons that very few people can see. He moves quietly from place to place, traversing the grimy underworld of medival towns in search of information. Drawing attention to himself only ever complicates his life and places others in danger. Therefore, Guts prefers to keep a low profile when possible.

4) Mob - Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo, nicknamed Mob, is an anime character in his third year at Salt Middle School and the vice-president of the Body Improvement Club. He possesses psychic powers that are tied to his emotions. Upon realizing that he is a potential danger to his peers, Mob decides to constantly live life under emotional restraint. He must balance his life as a student and an Esper.

5) Glenn Radars - Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Glenn is a former shut-in forced to teach magic at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy by his adopted mother. As a lazy, mischievous, and shameless character, he often causes great irritation to the anime characters around him. Depending on the opponent, Glenn's personality varies during combat. He often chooses to hold back, showing an easygoing and carefree side. Due to his lackadasical and unmotivated personality, it's rare for him to face an opponent with the purpose of defeating them effectively and swiftly.

6) Sakamoto - Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

Sakamoto is known for always remaining calm, cool, and collected. He exudes a model persona of humility by never intentionally drawing attention to himself. This anime protagonist strives to blend in with human society and social structure, although his classmates look up to him as someone impossible to reach. Sakamoto always manages to come out on top in every situation, despite the pitfalls awaiting him. Although he lives life as a student, he is a genius possessing martial arts expertise, superman speed, fitness, and sensory capabilities.

7) Vash - Trigun

Vash, also known as "The Humanoid Typhoon", is a humanoid inter-dimensional being known as a Plant. Although he is 131 by the time the anime begins, his body doesn't physically age past his mid-twenties. His goal is to protect the values his adoptive mother, Rem, held dearest: love and peace.

The anime protagonist is a pacifist, so he shuns the use of violence, preferring to avoid killing any person or thing. Due to his belief system and lazy attitude, Vash tends to keep his powers in his back pocket rather than on display.

8) Wang Ling - The Daily Life of an Immortal King

Genius prodigy Wang Ling has consistently reached new heights since he was just a year old, making him a near-invincible being with abilities far beyond his control. His greatest challenge yet? Senior High School. Although Wang plans to be a normal high schooler, this anime powerhouse isn't going to have an easy time.