8 Naruto characters who should've been resurrected during the 4th Great Ninja war

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Fourth Great Ninja War artwork (Image via CyberConnect2)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Fourth Great Ninja War artwork (Image via CyberConnect2)

Many characters in Naruto Shippuden would have been significant assets if they were resurrected. Some of these characters are so skilled and powerful that neither Obito nor Madara would be able to last for a long time if they joined the fight. However, there are others that fans would love to see again in the series. Regardless, if any of the characters on the list were resurrected during the Fourth Great Ninja War, they would have made a difference.

Note: Although reanimation is not the same as resurrection, this list will not include characters that were reanimated during the war. This list also contains massive spoilers for the Naruto series.

8 'Naruto' characters who would have made a considerable difference in the Fourth Great Ninja War if they were resurrected

1) Hagoromo Otsutsuki


Bringing Hagoromo into the mix would have almost instantly ended the Fourth Great Ninja War. He was the strongest character in Naruto Shippuden, right after Kaguya. His diverse set of overpowered Jutsus and Rinnegan's mastery allowed him to take out any enemy that stood in his way. Hagoromo was also shown to be capable of creating a Susanoo. He could have used this to fight Madara and Obito when they used their own and any large summons.

2) Hamura Otsutsuki


Like Hagoromo, resurrecting Hamura would have an immensely positive effect on the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Although both Hamura and his brother possessed the Byakugan, Hamura was the only one of the two to obtain the Tenseigan. As seen in The Last Movie, Tenseigan is a powerful dojutsu that grants the user a chakra mode, truth-seeking orbs, flight, and other incredibly powerful Jutsus. This allowed Hamura to fight against Obito, Madara, and other enemies efficiently. He would have also been able to take on Kaguya with his brother once again quickly.

3) Asura Otsutsuki


Asura Otsutsuki is the son of Hagoromo and the younger brother of Indra Otsutsuki. He has access to all essential Nature Types and Yin-Yang Release and Wood Release. Asura's true power was showcased in the fight against his brother Indra.

His strongest Jutsu, the Six Paths: Kunitsukami, was able to compete with Indra's powerful Susanoo, one of the strongest Susanoos in the series. Asura was also capable of using Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands, which completely dwarfed any other technique by its massive size and was one of Hashirama's strongest techniques.

4) Rin Nohara


Rin would not be able to participate in combat, but she could be used in other ways. Before her death, Rin was well on her way to becoming an incredible Shinobi Medic. She already showed promise with medical ninjutsu and successfully used it to heal various people. Even though Obito was the enemy, it would also have been amazing to see Team Minato back together again.

5) Kushina Uzumaki


Kushina's skill with Sealing Jutsu would have made her an asset if she were to be resurrected during the war. She flawlessly executed the signature Uzumaki sealing Jutsu, the Adamantine Chains, against Kurama, successfully restraining him even while she was about to die from a hole in her abdomen. She was again able to control Kurama with some of the chakras she left behind in Naruto.

Kushina would have been a fantastic asset to the Shinobi Alliance during the war if she had been resurrected; however, it would have been detrimental to Naruto's character development. He met with his mom and talked everything out earlier in Shippuden, making him a more mature character. Bringing her back would have made all of that development pointless.

6) Sakumo Hatake


The White Fang of the Leaf was Kakashi's father and was a Shinobi capable of fighting on par with the Legendary Sannin. It would have been fascinating to see him resist if he was brought back during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Sakumo never featured in combat, but everyone knew he could easily take out any opponent he faced.

However, resurrecting Sakumo would have a similar effect on Kakashi as restoring Kushina would have on Naruto. Kakashi and Sakumo already talked about Sakumo committing suicide and abandoning Kakashi when he was a kid. Kakashi grew due to the conversation, and Sakumo moved on to the afterlife.

7) Jiraiya


Jiraiya is perhaps the character most fans wanted to be brought back to the entire series. His fight with Pain was spectacular and tragic at the same time, and his death affected both Naruto characters and anime fans alike.

Bringing Jiraiya back during the Fourth Great Ninja War would have bolstered the Shinobi Alliance's forces. Although he was not as strong as Madara or Obito, many of his Toad Sage Mode Jutsus can restrain or impede opponents. He could have fought alongside the Five Kage while they battled Madara.

8) Konan


Konan was Nagato's right-hand woman and only friend after Yahiko's death. She has proven herself to be incredibly powerful time and time again. During Shippuden, she almost killed Obito by attacking him with 600 billion paper bombs. It took Obito to use Izanagi and lose one of his Sharingan to survive the impressive attack. Given sufficient time to prepare, Konan could easily be a fantastic asset for the Shinobi Alliance.