8 Sailor Moon waifus ranked

Five of the Sailor Senshi (Image via Toei Animation) Sailor Saturn (Image via Toei Animation)
Five of the Sailor Senshi (Image via Toei Animation) Sailor Saturn (Image via Toei Animation)

The word "waifu" has been popping up across anime fanbases for years. The term refers to female anime characters in which someone has a romantic attraction or views them to be their significant other. However, when used now, it has a less serious definition and essentially refers to a person's favorite female anime character, regardless of romantic attraction.

Many anime lovers consider the Sailor Senshi members to be amazing waifus since they go on adventures to protect the earth, and sometimes the entire universe, from powerful villains.

They use special abilities based around their personalities to fight and defend. As fans get to know these girls more, they begin to wonder who would be the greatest waifu. There are many debates concerning various anime girls on who is the best waifu. However, Sailor Moon has amazing characters to choose from.

The Sailor Moon series focuses mainly on unique and powerful anime girls, so it is bound to have amazing waifus.

Greatest waifus in Sailor Moon from worst to best

8) Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is one of the five Inner Sailor Guardians and her civilian name is Ami Mizuno. She was also the second Sailor Guardian to be shown in the anime.

Her precipitation-based attacks such as Mercury Aqua Mist and Galactica Gale allowed her to channel her mastery over snow and mist. When placed in the correct environment, Sailor Venus can be incredibly powerful and unmatched in all aspects.

Along with being strong, she is also intelligent. She enjoys all-things chess and excels at mathematics and technology. These interests also help while she is fulfilling her duties as a Sailor Senshi. Mizuno is a great waifu for any technology and all around math otakus.

7) Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus, civilian name Aino Minako, is another member of the five Inner Sailor Guardians.

Like the others, she is powerful. Her offensive capabilities mostly revolve around light elements and gold (the metal). Crescent Beam and Crescent Slender Beam are powerful light-based offensive techniques. With both of these attacks, Sailor Venus launches a beam of light at her opponent.

She seems to be the exact opposite of Sailor Mercury since she does not like people who spend their time focusing on academics. Instead, she prefers playing pranks on people and playing video games. Her beautiful looks and love for video games would make her a good waifu.

6) Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune is another Sailor Guardian but she is not a member of the five Inner Sailor Guardians. Her civilian name is Michiru Kaiou and she goes to Mugen Academy like many of the other characters.

As he name implies, her attacks are based around the sea. Techniques such as Deep Submerge (shown in the GIF above) and Galactica Violon Tide are true displays of her power. She is capable of completely overwhelming her opponents with huge tidal waves.

Michiru has somewhat more mature interests. She spends her time playing the violin, painting, and more than likely enjoys listening to classical music. She is the epitome of fashion and elegance, and despite her delicate appearance, she is always ready to take down any enemies that might appear.

5) Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars is another member of five Inner Sailor Guardians and her civilian name is Rei Hino. She also works as a shrine priestess.

Her offensive technique centers around the theme of fire and spirituality, which makes sense considering her experience as a shrine priestess. The attack Akuryo Taisan utilizes her expert knowledge in exorcizing spirits. She also has a "sixth sense" that allows her to sense evil spirits when they are nearby.

One of her favorite pastimes is engaging in Zazen meditation. She also loves animals, specifically pandas and small lizards. As a shrine maiden, she is constantly surrounded by nature and various types of animals. She has developed a dislike for modern society. Bustling cities and noise pollution are things she actively tries to avoid.

4) Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto's civilian name is Setsuna Meiou and she works as the nurse at Mugen Academy.

Like the Roman god Pluto, her attacks revolve around an underworld theme but also the space-time continuum. Her Dead Scream attack utilizes the attributes of the underworld in order to attack her opponent. Other offensive techniques such as Time Stop and Dark Dome Close are related to time. Due to her ability to manipulate space-time, she is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the series.

Her interests are pretty unrelated to each other. On one hand, she enjoys learning about physics its different theoretical applications, but on the other hand, she enjoys drinking green tea and sewing clothes. She is an amazing waifu.

3) Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn (Image via Toei Animation)
Sailor Saturn (Image via Toei Animation)

Sailor Saturn, or Hotaru Tomoe, was evil when she first appeared in the series. However, the other Sailor Guardians were able to save her and they quickly became great friends.

Her attacks easily make her one of the strongest characters in the show. She possesses abilities connected to nothingness, oblivion, death, and more. One of her strongest attacks, Death Reborn Revolution, allows her to completely ahnnihilate ther surroundings when charging up her attack. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Her incredible power and love for lamps and world history make her an amazing candidate for the best waifu in Sailor Moon.

2) Sailor Moon

The titular protagonist herself, Sailor Moon, or Usagi Tsukino, is one of the most iconic anime characters of all time. She is also known for being the Sailor Guardian for "love and justice".

Since she is more of a pacifist than her fellow Sailor Senshi, her abilities reflect this. Her attacks utilize Moonlight attributes and are more suited towards purification and healing, rather than directly attacking an opponent. Moon Healing Escalation and Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss are both powerful restorative techniques. It heals many injuries and purifies those who have been corrupted.

Like the average teenager, she enjoys video games and taking long naps after school. Although she can act clumsy and be a bit childish sometimes, she has an amazing spirit and means well.

1) Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter (Image via Toei Animation)
Sailor Jupiter (Image via Toei Animation)

Sailor Jupiter is a member of the five Inner Sailor Senshi and her civilian name is Makoto Kino. Despite her kind and caring nature, many boys saw her as a delinquent because she has a lot of physical strength.

Her elemental attributes, lightning and nature, are channeled perfectly by her attacks. She uses Flower Hurricane flowers to ruthlessly assault her opponent, and Jupiter Oak Evolution combines both nature and lightning into one incredibly powerful attack.

Since her parents' deaths, she has become very independent, so she enjoys activities that an adult would typically enjoy. She likes to garden, cook, bake, and do home economics. She is easily the best waifu in Sailor Moon and possibly the best waifu in all of anime.

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