Fans prepare for events and collaborations to commemorate 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon

Celebrating Sailor Moon's 30th anniversary (image via Naoko Takeuchi)
Celebrating Sailor Moon's 30th anniversary (image via Naoko Takeuchi)

Sailor Moon is a popular anime and manga series that began its serialization way back in 1991. This series was extremely well-received and influential when it was first released. Some of the biggest reasons for the series’ popularity were its characters and the breathtaking art style.

Fans who grew up watching the series are ecstatic as they are celebrating its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this, the series announced a host of collaborations and events. Let’s take a look at the merchandise collection and the events that were scheduled for the 30th-anniversary celebration.

Sailor Moon 30th anniversary: Events and collaborations to look out for

Sailor Moon 30th anniversary museum

One of the major events that fans are looking forward to is the museum that will be opening later in 2022. The museum will be centered around the history of the series. It will also display information about the manga, anime as well some of the musical adaptations of the series. The museum will be open for a limited time, and further details will be announced shortly.

Collaboration with Sanrio

Fans are looking forward to this as the series will be collaborating with Sanrio. In this line, one Sanrio character has been paired with members of the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Jupiter has been paired with Marron Cream, Sailor Venus with Pompopurin, Sailor Moon with Hello Kitty, and Sailor Chibi Moon with My Melody, to name a few. Fans await further details with respect to the collaboration.

Collaboration with UNIQLO

UNIQLO collaborating with the animanga series (Image via Moshi Moshi Nippon)
UNIQLO collaborating with the animanga series (Image via Moshi Moshi Nippon)

The series will be collaborating with the popular apparel company UNIQLO. However, the information regarding this collaboration is scarce, and fans will have to wait for further details. As of now, we know that UNIQLO UT will be collaborating with the movie Sailor Moon Eternal and will most likely offer a line of graphic T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Collaboration with PREMICO

Collaboration with Premico (Image via Naoko Takeuchi)
Collaboration with Premico (Image via Naoko Takeuchi)

The series will collaborate with a popular company that makes traditional Japanese crafts. No further information has been provided with respect to the products. However, based on what they had done previously, fans can expect the company to make 18K gold necklaces and charms whose designs have been inspired by the series.

Collaboration with Anna Sui

The popular American designer, Anna Sui, released a line of accessories that featured elements from Sailor Moon. The designs featured the planetary symbols and some of the iconic roses and hearts. The line includes handkerchiefs, hand towels, pouches, and bags. The products started to roll out on February 25, 2022.

These are some of the main collaborations and events fans are looking forward to. They can also look forward to limited-edition watches by WICCA and handbags and pouches from Maison de Fleur.