All 10 tailed beasts in Naruto, ranked based on design

Ranking the tailed beasts based on their design in Naruto (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ranking the tailed beasts based on their design in Naruto (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Naruto, Tailed beasts are gigantic creatures who are a physical manifestation of chakra created from the Ten-Tails by the Sage of Six Paths. They were created in order to prevent the resurrection of the Ten-Tails as well as to maintain balance and peace in the world.

Every tailed beast possesses peculiar abilities and because of that, the Shinobis subdue and turn them into weapons against enemies. Each beast in Naruto has a unique appearance and some of their designs are flawless, more so than others.

Ranking the Tailed Beasts based on their design in Naruto

10) Saiken (Six Tails)


The Six Tails, Saiken was sealed within Ukataka, who being a Jinchuriki was seen as a weapon for Hidden Mist by his master. Saiken is a bipedal slug with stubby arms, feet, and six long tails. The entire body of the beast is covered in slime.

Despite being blind, it does have eyes within the two tentacles and its mouth is not completely open but has several holes in it.

9) Shukaku (One Tail)


Shukaku also known as One Tails is a beast who easily gets angry, and speaks in an incomprehensible dialect when enraged. Shukaku is an enormous sandy-brown, raccoon dog-looking beast with cursed seal markings all over its face.

Shukaku despises Kurama because of its belief that the more tails a beast has the more powerful it is. The eyes of Shukaku are black with yellow irises within a stretched star with four corners.

8) Gyuki (Eight Tails)


Eight-Tails, Gyuki often speaks in a rude dialect, something it manifested from its Jinchuriki Killer Bee, who was able to work in perfect harmony with his beast than most of the Jinchurikis. Even Naruto needed his help to develop his relationship with his beast.

Gyuki looks like the combination of a Jacob Sheep and an Octopus. It has two horns, one of which is broken by the Third Raikage, A, and another destroyed by its own point-blank Tailed Beast Ball when fighting the Ten-Tails.

7) Isobu (Three Tails)


The Three Tailed beast was sealed within the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura Karatachi. He gained complete control over his beast flawlessly. At some point, it was rumored that the Three Tailed beast disappeared after the Third Great Ninja War.

Despite his monstrous appearance, Isobu has a timorous personality. The beast is a gigantic turtle, with spikes all over its body and a right eye that is always closed.

6) Matatabi (Two Tails)


Matatabi, the two-tailed beast, has a polite approach, unlike other beasts in Naruto. It was last sealed in Yugito Nii and was captured by Hidan and Kakuzu, who later separated the beast from its user.

The beast is a large cat that is engulfed in cobalt blue and black flames. It has heterochromatic eyes, with the right one being yellow and the left one green with no pupils.

5) Chomei (Seven Tails)


The Seven Tails was the only beast who became affiliated with the Hidden Waterfall, whereas other tailed beasts were divided amongst the Five Great Nations in Naruto. The name of the beast is Chomei, and it has a cheerful personality.

Chomei resembles a rhinoceros beetle with blue armor on it. Its head seems protected with a helmet-like skull. It also has spiked protrusions on its shoulders with six legs, three on each side.

4) Son Goku (Four Tails)


The Four-Tailed beast, who goes by the name Son Goku, is very prideful and doesn’t like to be called four tails in Naruto. After splitting the beasts and placing each one of them in a specific temple, Son Goku was sent to live in a temple that later became part of the Land of the Earth. Roshi a shinobi from Hidden Rock becomes the Jinchuriki of Four Tails.

Son Goku is a giant red-furred gorilla with green skin. It has two curved horns on its forehead that manifest like a crown.

3) Kokuo (Five Tails)


Five Tails was the beast sealed within one of the legendary Shinobi, Han in Naruto, who was known for his exceptional Ninjutsu prowess and his formidable Steam Release. He was able to use the steam release through his special steam armor in conjunction with his tailed beast, Kokuo.

Kokuo resembles an enormous white horse and it has a dolphin-like head with five horns. It also has red markings under its dark blue-green eyes.

2) Kurama (Nine Tails)


All nine beasts are composed of power and nothing else, and they are capable of using intelligence. Likewise, Kurama, the Nine-Tailed beast is despised by humans for the havoc it unleashed, and after getting sealed into Naruto, it develops hatred against humanity. Later, Kurama regains its sanity by developing a strong bond with the protagonist.

The Nine-Tailed beast is a gigantic red-colored fox, with black fur around its eyes. After entering the Nine-Tails chakra mode, the beast's entire body glows with a transparent golden color with dark black lines on its back, arms, legs, and tails.

1) Ten Tails


Ten-Tails is basically the combined form of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the God tree. The Sage of Six Paths splits the Ten-Tails into nine beasts with the purpose of preventing calamities that could destroy the shinobi world in Naruto.

The first form of Ten-Tails bulb-like body had long arms with one eye and a huge mouth containing countless pointed teeth. The other form has a somewhat typical human resemblance to it, with its head altered greatly along with forming several horns on various parts of the head. Ten-Tails is by far the most terrifying-looking beast in Naruto.