All Might's victory against All For One will be one of My Hero Academia's greatest (even if he dies)

My Hero Academia has probably done something special with All Might (Image via Bones).
My Hero Academia has probably done something special with All Might (Image via Bones).

Chapter 402 of the My Hero Academia manga probably has delivered one of its greatest moments with All Might's potential death against All for One. It's no secret that All Might's death has been teased since the series' beginning, especially as a way to pass the torch to the next generation. However, the way author Kohei Horikoshi has executed it is most likely the best way to go.

A Quirkless All Might facing All for One for a second round has been a moment that My Hero Academia fans were not expecting. However, Horikoshi pulled it off by showing more of Toshinori's backstory and his motivations. Now that chapter 402 seems to suggest that All Might has gotten the better of All for One, that outcome, even with the greatest hero's death, would do the story a world of good.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia might have struck gold with All Might's grand finale

All Might ended up being the last man standing to keep All for One from reaching Tomura Shigaraki and stealing his body. This is why the legendary hero decided to use a special Iron Man-esque suit to fight his lifelong nemesis. The fight has been celebrated by a lot of fans and there is an argument to be that Horikoshi has struck gold with the thematic execution of the battle.

Going back to the series' beginning, All Might told a Quirkless Izuku Midoriya that if he doesn't have a Quirk, he can't be a hero. All Might has always been My Hero Academia's Symbol of Peace and his saying that definitely hurt Izuku. However, as the story progressed, both characters managed to inspire one another, with Toshinori being influenced by his pupil.

Deku had no qualms in jumping into action to save Katsuki Bakugo from the sludge monster in the first couple of chapters of the manga and now All Might's actions mirror that. This is further emphasized by the Number One Hero looking back at their first encounter and thinking that he should have told him that anyone can be a hero if they try hard enough and have the best intentions.

While it is still not fully clear if All Might has killed All for One or even if he has died, both events would be the best outcome for this battle. Both Deku and Shigaraki deserve to have their own one-on-one battle and both masters deserve to go down fighting one another. This could be with All Might being able to contribute to the story's conclusion even without having One for All, showing that's not what made him a hero to begin with.

All Might's appeal and legacy in the series

My Hero Academia has several compelling characters but All Might is probably the one who has left the biggest mark in the story. He is not only the greatest hero in the series but his journey has been quite unique when compared to other shonen senseis. While he also had to give the torch to the next generation after the Kamino arc, he has had to live on without One for All.

This has been a divisive decision made by Horikoshi, according to the My Hero Academia fandom. Some people have argued that All Might should have died a hero in Kamino for the story to progress. However, there is a counterargument that is a unique take having the sensei witness his life's work and asked himself if he had contributed positively to the world.

His last stand against All for One could very well represent everything that he has learned so far, proving that even a hero of his caliber can be inspired by others. His final victory and last heroic act, defeating All for One, could also be a fitting end to arguably the manga's best character.

Final thoughts

All Might is very likely to die in My Hero Academia and this moment could be one of the series' greatest moments. It has been built up since the very beginning of the story and is a very fitting ending to a character who has always been regarded as one of the best in the manga.