Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama wins over international fans during his appearance at Anime NYC

Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama wins over international fans during his appearance at Anime NYC (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama wins over international fans during his appearance at Anime NYC (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Anime NYC 2022 saw none other than Attack on Titan creator, author, and illustrator Hajime Isayama make his first overseas trip to attend this year’s convention. Sadly, however, his attendance was announced via a plea for fans to be respectful and kind with their opinions and questions.

As a result, many Attack on Titan fans were concerned that Isayama would be verbally attacked for the series' conclusion. In fact, this was all that fans could talk about in the days leading up to Isayama's message and the convention's start date.

However, it seems that these fans had nothing to worry about after all, with international fans seemingly having been won over by Isayama’s presence at the convention. Follow along as this article fully breaks down how Attack on Titan creator Hajima Isayama has seemingly won over international fans following Anime NYC 2022.

Attack on Titan’s Hajime Isayama seemingly makes a great impression on overseas fans following his appearance at Anime NYC

Fan reaction

A Special Message From Hajime Isayama

As previously stated, news of the Attack on Titan creator's attendance at Anime NYC 2022 first broke with a message from Isayama himself. Isayama expressed his delight at finally visiting America, citing the importance of Hollywood movies, TV shows, and American culture in general to him and his creative process.

However, this was followed by a plea from fans to be kind to Isayama about their opinions on the series ending. Isayama himself even admits that he’s aware of how controversial the ending was, and he’s open to receiving respectful opinions. He concludes the message by emphasizing that while he is excited to attend Anime NYC, he is also concerned about what might happen.

this actually brought tears to my eyes. what an incredible ride. thank you Isayama!
Seeing my tl full of people who met Isayama in NYC and got his autograph should make me jealous, but instead fills me with so much joy, you have no idea. AOT means a lot to me, but I'm not alone, we are many.

This sent the series’ hardcore faithful into a tailspin, with many feeling awful that Isayama seemed genuinely worried about how well he would be treated. While fans are certainly free to express their thoughts on Attack on Titan's canonical ending, it is extremely disrespectful to treat Isayama so negatively because of their views.

The series’ diehard fans expressed a similar sentiment, adding some choice words for extra emphasis on their feelings regarding the matter. Many also suggested that anyone who would directly be rude or offensive to Isayama is better off not coming. Some of these proclamations even seemed like threats, emphasizing just how upset the series’ core fanbase was by Isayama’s pleading message.

This is the Hajime Isayama Thank You Message Wall at @animenyc! There're already lots of heart-felt messages to Isayama sensei! Co-presented with @KodanshaUSA#AttackonTitan #AnimeNYC
Isayama is here. He introduced himself in English. He said it was his first visit to New York. His first time across the ocean
Every single person who’s had the chance to meet Hajime Isayama on today’s event has talked about just how kind of a person he is. Isayama is admirable not only for his genius and his writing, but for how decent and humble he is as an artist. I’m so glad he’s appreciated!

However, fast forward to the day of his appearance in Anime NYC 2022, and the Attack on Titan creator appears to have had a fantastic time. Many fans are echoing his sentiments, which he expressed during a panel discussion, about how excited he was to be in America and how grateful he was for such a welcoming crowd.

These same diehards are also sharing their reactions after meeting Isayama with international fans. Many have expressed their admiration for him not only for his writing and artistic abilities but also for his humility and decency.

Hajime Isayama deserves all the praises & appreciation. He not only created Aot: an otherworldly spectacular piece of media that touched hearts of so many, but is also such an amazing & humble person himself.
The amount of envy I'm feeling from people in NYC who got to meet and talk with Isayama. But at the same I'm time happy for them and for him. From what I'm hearing he seems to be super kind and humble in person which is always the impression I've had of him.

The core fanbase of the series appears to be extremely pleased with the progress made in terms of international fans' perceptions of and opinions on Hajime Isayama.

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