Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 episode 10: Fans react to Magath, Reiner and Annie attack Jaegerists

Fans react to the latest episode of the series (Image via MAPPA)
Fans react to the latest episode of the series (Image via MAPPA)

The latest episode of Attack on Titan had a ton of action. It was filled with moments that showed just how desperate the characters have become to save the world from the Rumbling.

The latest episode featured Annie, Reiner and Magath joining hands with Mikasa, Armin, Connie and Jean to take down Eren.

Attack on Titan fans couldn't contain their excitement and took to Twitter to react to some of the scenes from the episode. They believe that Eren’s path is extremely violent and that mass genocide will not solve their problems.

"That episode was so good" - Fans react to episode 10 of Attack on Titan's concluding season

Here’s what fans had to say about the latest episode.

Some of my fave screenshots from that episode, even though there are TONS more I could add #aotspoilers #snkspoilers

One of the first things that fans reacted to was the speech by Captain Magath, who hailed from Marley. In the previous episode, he was quite rude to the characters from Paradis and brought up the topic of justice. Given his position and behavior, fans were surprised to see him apologize to them for talking to them in a rude manner.

A moment of self introspection: Magath's words#aotspoilers
why’d he 180 like that, that was weird#AoTSpoilers

Another thing that Attack on Titan fans noticed was the trauma Connie had been going through. He doesn't believe in taking someone's life unnecessarily. What hurt even more was the fact that he had to kill people who were once his friends and comrades. Fans certainly sympathized with the character.

poor connie suffers the most 😭💔 #aotspoilers
Nahhhh that episode was so good! Connie’s scream was heartbreaking though #shingeki #shingekinokyojin #aotspoilers
The added Bertolt flashback during this sequence made it more impactful. (Also, I don't even remember that flashback was in this scene. Was it in the manga?)#aotspoilers

Some fans took this opportunity to make memes about the latest episode. One fan made this meme that replaced Reiner and Annie with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade from the iconic dunk back when the duo played for the Miami Heat. Fans certainly enjoyed Reiner and Annie crushing the Jeagersists with ease.

One Attack on Titan fan mentioned how they feared Armin's death and totally forgot about the fact that he was a Colossal Titan. Armin was shot by one of the Jaegerists when they realized that he joined hands with Marleyans. However, Armin didn't die and Connie ended up killing the ones who shot Armin.

#aotspoilers ep 26 ❗️❗️❗️-----the fact that I almost had a panic attack seeing armin get shot cuz I completely forgot he was a titan -_- but we don’t talk about that #aot #shingekinokyojin

Naturally, fans couldn't get enough of Mikasa Ackerman as she was able to blitz some of the Jaegerists in the building. Fans have always enjoyed the action sequences that included her.

@mikasagallery We’re blessed to know Mikasa! Her beauty is so captivating! Every moment I’m appreciative to be graced by her presence! Those eyes beating with intensity!

It will be interesting to see how the plot progresses and whether or not the combined efforts of Marleyans and the select few from Paradis will be able to stop Eren from carrying out his plan of mass genocide.

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