Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2 has fans flooding Twitter with Yelena memes

Attack on Titan (Image via WallpaperCave)
Attack on Titan (Image via WallpaperCave)

The Attack on Titan fandom has been rejoicing in the release of the final season of the series. The newly released episode 2 garnered a lot of praise, with many finally convinced that MAPPA has redeemed itself after season 4 part 1’s mediocre animation.

While the episode itself was intense in terms of its content, what seemed to have caught a lot of viewers’ eyes was one frame where Yelena looks at Armin with a disgusted expression on her face, melting into a warm smile the next moment. Yelena’s face looked, for lack of a better word, much like a pure Titan, and of course, turned out to be prime meme material.

Attack on Titan fans react hilariously to Yelena’s duality on Twitter

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2 had a lot of great moments, including Eren fighting the other Titans, the Beast Titan arriving at the battlefield, Gabi rescuing Falco and Pieck shooting Zeke’s Titan form.

But unexpectedly, what turned out to be the highlight was the Levi Squad’s confrontation with Yelena, demanding to know the whereabouts of Levi and Hange. Yelena calmly surmised that Zeke being there meant that Levi had been defeated and was likely dead.

While all of them were in anguish over the possibility, Armin tried to rally the others to prevent Yelena from suspecting where their affiliations really lay. Little did he expect Jean, Connie and even Mikasa to look shocked at something just behind him, which he realized was the way Yelena was looking at him.

After a moment too long, she reverted to her obviously fake, but seemingly amicable smile, asking them to support Zeke and Eren.

While some fans simply posted screenshots of the twisted expression with captions, others focused on Yelena's duality. Most of the memes are surprisingly on-point, and all of them are hilarious.

Fans even used it to point out how similar Yelena's character design is to Armin's. Armin is one of the most loved characters in the Attack on Titan fandom, and ironically, Yelena is one of the most hated.

While the scene itself was tense and fear-inducing, most of the fandom was obsessed with how grotesque Yelena’s face looked. As with everything dark and funny, Twitter started spawning several memes comprising her expression.

The Attack on Titan fandom is known for its dark humor, and this fit right in with the Dead Marco jokes.

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