Bleach: What is a Zanpakuto and how does it work?

Yamamoto is extremely dangerous to be around like this (Image via Tite Kubo / Shueisha / Bleach)
Yamamoto is extremely dangerous to be around like this (Image via Tite Kubo / Shueisha / Bleach)

Zanpakuto are the signature weapons of various races in the Bleach series.

Shonen anime series often stand out with a trademark fighting style. For instance, Naruto has Ninjutsu techniques while One Piece has Devil Fruits. What sets Bleach apart are the creative weapon designs for the Zanpakuto. They can be upgraded into some really powerful swords.

This article will discuss how this process works in Bleach. However, there will be some manga spoilers from the Thousand Year Blood War, so keep that in mind.

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Here's a quick reminder of how the Zanpakuto function in Bleach

Concept and creation


Oetsu Nimaiya is a member of the Zero Division in Soul Society. His job is to protect the Soul King. With that in mind, he bears responsibility in the creation of the Zanpakuto. Nimaiya forged multiple souls of the Shinagami to make the Asauchi, which serves as the base template for Zanpakuto.

In their original form, the Asauchi can become anything, which gives them limitless potential in the Bleach series. Members of the Gotei 13 are given these blades when they enter the Shin'o Academy. Through a difficult training process, the Asauchi will eventually become a Zanpakuto.

Low ranking Shinagami have nameless Asauchi, while high ranking ones have named Zanpakuto. Nimaiya also knows the name of every single one in Bleach, since he is their creator.

The weapon is only as good as those wielding them


In the Bleach series, Zanpakuto are powered up by the owner's soul. What this means is that it cannot be replaced. The shape of the weapon, along with its special powers, also depends on the user in question. Zanpakuto all have distinct personalities that make them stand out.

These powerful blades have the ability to cut through spiritual beings. Shinigami typically use them in dealing with Hollow creatures. However, the Shinigami must communicate with the spirit inside the Zanpakuto. It's the only way they can master their ultimate weapons.

Learning its name and gaining its powers


Every single Zanpakuto in the Bleach series has a specific name, which must be learned by their wielders. That is why they must communicate with the Zanpakuto spirit via sword meditation, otherwise known as Jinzen.

Zanpakuto aren't fully willing to give away their powers until their wielder is deemed worthy. Shinigami must enter the inner world to confront these spirits in battle. Only then can they fully control them.

Zanpakuto have multiple forms


These spiritual weapons are typically sealed when not in use. If the user is powerful enough to control them, the Zanpakuto can upgrade itself into two different forms, known as Shikai and Bankai.

The blade will change its appearance and abilities depending on the state. However, the Shinigami must follow these activation requirements:

  • Shikai: Users must know their Zanpakuto name and recite a specific incantation spell
  • Bankai: Users must subjugate their spirits and summon them into the physical world

The process of learning Bankai usually takes about ten years. Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara are the rare exceptions, since they forcibly manifested their Zanpakuto spirits with a special device.

Shikai and Bankai powers will always be related to each other. Their special abilities depend on the user's spiritual power and personality.

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