Bleach: Which Zanpakuto are you based on your Zodiac sign?

Byakuya Kuchiki wields the deadly Senbonzakura (Image via Sportskeeda, all copyright belongs to Bleach)
Byakuya Kuchiki wields the deadly Senbonzakura (Image via Sportskeeda, all copyright belongs to Bleach)

Bleach fans already know that Shinigami use the Zanpakuto as their main weapon, which are used to defeat Hollows.

Zanpakuto are made from the owner's soul, which is what ultimately makes them special. Each of them stands out with different characteristics.

The Bleach series has several unique varieties. Zanpakuto abilities can range from highly aggressive to cold and calculating.

Some people believe personalities can be predicted with astrological symbols. Just for the sake of fun, since it's not that serious, this article will correlate Zodiac signs with Zanpakuto.

The choices on this list aren't based on birthdays but rather common themes between the Zanpakuto and the Zodiac signs.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's personal views.

Tenken, Zangetsu and 10 other Zanpakuto from Bleach that are perfect embodiments of the Zodiac signs

Aries - (Senbonzakura, wielded by Byakuya Kuchiki)


Dates: March 21 to April 19

Those with the Aries sign are typically known for their courage, determination and confidence. They are strong personalities who always lead by example. This perfectly describes Byakuya Kuchiki in the Bleach series.

Senbonzakura is a katana with a stylized white sheath. The hilt is also wrapped in a lavender cloth. When Byakuya releases his Shikai, his blade can suddenly disperse into thousands of tinier blades.

Meanwhile, his Bankai can only be activated with Byakuya's own blood. His blades can take many different forms and are mainly used for offensive purposes.

The Aries sign is usually represented by the color red, which is exactly what Byakuya's opponents will be seeing.

Taurus (Tenken, wielded by Sajin Komamura)


Dates: April 20 to May 20

Taurus people always remain firmly planted in the ground. They can be a little bit stubborn, but their strength and stability are highly regarded. Unfortunately, they also deal with insecurities. On a similar note, Sajin Komamura is a wolf creature who used to be shunned for his appearance in the Bleach series.

Tenken is a regular katana with a rectangular cross guard. Sajin can release his Shikai to summon phantom limbs from a heavily armored giant. His Bankai is what brings forth the entire giant altogether. Like most Zanpakuto in Bleach, Tenken represents a hardworking and dedicated nature.

Gemini (Kyoka Suigetsu, wielded by Sosuke Aizen)


Dates: May 21 to June 21

Gemini types are known for their adaptive personalities. They can adjust to any given situation. However, they also carry different faces, so people rarely know what they're going to get.

On the surface, Kyoka Suigetsu is a simple katana with a hexagonal tsuba. Of course, Bleach fans know better than to trust its wielder.

Sosuke Aizen is a highly intelligent but very manipulative figure in the series. He represents the negative aspects of the Gemini, given his two-faced nature.

This is also reflected in the special ability of his Shikai, which allows him to control his target's sense via complete hypnosis.

Cancer (Ashisogi Jizo, wielded by Mayuri Kurotsuchi)


Dates: June 22 to July 22

Cancer personality types are highly imaginative creatures. However, their moody temperament makes them very difficult to fully understand.

Mayuri is the residential mad scientist of Bleach. His Zanpakuto is just as prickly as he is, given the spiky protrusions on the blade.

Ashisogi Jizo gives him various poison techniques. Mayuri can even alter the composition however he likes. This perfectly displays his intuitive mindset, albeit from a very dark personality.

Leo (Zangetsu, wielded by Ichigo Kurosaki)


Dates: July 23 to August 22

Ichigo Kurosaki is not someone who would believe in a horoscope. Like most people, he would never take it that seriously. Nonetheless, the nature of his Zanpakuto shares similarities with a particular Zodiac sign.

True to their name, Leo personalities have the heart of a lion. Ichigo's trademark weapon is definitely compatible with this Zodiac sign. Zangetsu is a large blade that releases powerful waves of spiritual energy.

Ichigo is a brave fighter with a headstrong character. The main protagonist of the Bleach series is also a natural-born leader who often leads the way. There's no better way to get that message across than with a huge sword.

Virgo (Shinso, wielded by Gin Ichimaru)


Dates: August 23 to September 22

All work and no play is not exactly a good vibe for Virgo types. They often live their life by their own rules.

Those with the Virgo sign are very methodical in their approach. Even the smallest details will not go unnoticed. Gin Ichimaru demonstrates his intelligence with his Zanpakuto, which is in the shape of a wakizashi.

Whether it's the Shikai or Bankai form, Ichimaru can extend his sword at great lengths. Of course, his Bankai has a special ability where he can release a deadly poison within the blade itself. Virgos will be highly compatible with his weapon, thanks to their analytical mindset.

Libra (Sogyo no Kotowari, wielded by Jushiro Ukitake)


Dates: September 23 to October 23

Libra personality types always try to maintain a balance between worlds. They are also very cooperative figures with a gentle disposition. Most of them prefer to avoid fighting at all costs, similar to Jushiro Ukitake from Bleach.

Sogyo no Kotowari is a simple katana with a crimson red handle. What makes it special is that Ukitake can release its Shikai to redirect attacks. Like any good Libra, this sword is like a mirror that reflects the world around it.

Better yet, the Shikai form can even split into two swords. It perfectly balances itself out in terms of defense and offense.

Scorpio (Suzumushi, wielded by Kaname Tosen)


Dates: October 24 to November 21

Those with Scorpio traits have a determined focus. Like most Bleach characters, they are very passionate about their favorite subjects. However, they may also have dark motivations.

Tosen might be a dangerous villain in the Bleach series, but he never strays from his belief in justice. He will always fight for his own cause, regardless of whether others consider it to be right or wrong.

Suzumushi is a normal katana with a tsuba in the shape of a teardrop. It's only appropriate for someone like Tosen to represent the concept of "justice is blind." His strongest technique inflicts sensory deprivation, with the exception of touch.

Sagittarius (Ruri'iro Kujaku, wielded by Yumichika Ayasegawa)


Dates: November 22 to December 21

This Zodiac sign represents a good sense of humor. It just so happens that Yumichika is a comic relief character in the Bleach series.

Sagittarius people are known to color the world with their creative work. Yumichika wields the Ruri'iro Kujaku, a flamboyant sword with a fuschia sheath.

His special ability allows him to steal energy from his targets with the use of peacock feather vines. The plant motif is very similar to how Sagitarrius individuals have a love for the outdoors. They simply cannot be confined to one place for long.

Capricorn (Hyorinmaru, wielded by Toshiro Hitsugaya)


Dates: December 22 to January 19

Hitsugaya is a textbook definition of a Capricorn personality. He maintains great responsibility with a very disciplined approach to life. It goes without saying that he is among the most serious characters in Bleach. Of course, he is not without his comedic moments.

His own Zanpakuto is just as rigid as he is. Hyorinmaru is the perfect weapon for a master of ice techniques. Hitsugaya can freeze anything he touches with his ice dragon summon, Daiguren Hyorinmaru.

Like most Capricorn individuals, Hitsugaya must exercise a great deal of control over his powers. He must also make very quick decisions during his Bleach fights.

The versatility of his Zanpakuto is entirely dependant on his calm and collected mindset. That is the main strength of a Capricorn.

Aquarius (Katen Kyokotsu, wielded by Shunsui Kyoraku)


Dates: January 20 to February 18

Creativity goes a long way in the Bleach series. Aquarius people are very original in their way of thinking. Shunsui definitely catches his enemies off guard with his Zanpakuto, a pair of daisho swords.

Risky business is not only a good description of Shunsui's abilities, but it's also very compatible with the Aquarius sign.

Shunsui is a clever thinker who shakes the very foundation of the world. His powerful Zanpakuto requires a very calm and sensitive approach to battle. Otherwise, he would lose focus.

Pisces (Haineko, wielded by Rangiku Matsumoto)


Dates: February 19 to March 20

Zanpakuto are simply the extension of a Shinigami's true being. Like any good Pisces, Rangiku Matsumoto is a compassionate person with a love for romance. She also has a very friendly personality with a playful attitude.

This is perfectly demonstrated with her Zanpakuto, a katana with a cat-head tsuba. Haineko can also turn into ash whenever its Shikai is activated.

Rangiku has the ability to cut whatever is within the range of her ashes.

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