Which One Piece character are you based on your MBTI (personality test)?

Colorful personalities are what define this series (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Colorful personalities are what define this series (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece fans can have some fun by taking an unofficial MBTI personality test.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a simple questionnaire regarding psychological traits. It's not scientifically valid by any means, but it allows users to compare and contrast themselves with their favorite characters.

Eiichiro Oda always had a creative mindset for his life's work. He designed a large cast of characters for the One Piece series. Naturally, some of them will share MBTI personalities. Here's a quick look at the corresponding ones.

One Piece characters and their corresponding MBTI personalities

INFP - Perona


The Ghost Princess lives in her own little world, which is very much a trait of an INFP personality. It's easy for Perona to lose herself among cute stuffed animals in the One Piece series. While she might not seem like it, she can also be a very kind person.

However, Perona is also held back by her more negative traits, such as her obsession with cuteness. INFP personalities can be hard to please with their self-isolation and emotional vulnerability.

INFJ - Monkey D. Dragon


Dragon is rarely seen among the general public. As the leader of the Revolutionary Army, he is a wanted criminal in the One Piece series. Regardless, he wants to leave a mark on the world.

INFJ personalities are quiet and mystical people. Dragon is a legendary figure with very lofty goals. He wants to fight back against the World Nobles, which is not going to be an easy task.

INTP - Vegapunk


A master of scientific innovation, Vegapunk is hundreds of years ahead of the One Piece universe. He can be described with an INTP personality, given his reclusive nature and brilliant mind.

Vegapunk has always been a curious person, given his various experiments on Devil Fruits. He never stops thinking, focusing all his mental energy on his experiments. Vegapunk is quite the expert in many different subjects, including biology and botany.

INTJ - Kureha


This elderly doctor is a strategic planner who always sees the bigger picture. This is a quality prevalent in INTJ personalities.

Keep in mind that Kureha is fully aware of the Will of D. Whenever she performs a rather painful technique, it's to stop her patients from receiving worse injuries.

Kureha pursues her medical practices with a ridiculously high success rate. She is definitely improving the lives of her patients.

The INTJ personality can seem cold-hearted, but she does warm up to a few people, such as her "son" Chopper.

ENFP - Monkey D. Garp


Garp is a very outgoing Marine who truly values his freedom. The Vice-Admiral could've easily been promoted to Admiral status. He declined the offer so he wouldn't have to work under the World Nobles.

One Piece characters often speak highly of Garp's leadership skills, which is a trait in most individuals with ENFP personalities. He can train rookie soldiers to become great fighters.

However, Garp is also idealistic to a fault. His views on what constitutes "peace" are wildly different from his son Dragon.

ENTJ - Sakazuki


ENTJ personality traits belong to decisive leaders. They fully believe in maintaining the momentum of their missions.

One Piece fans may not like his methods, but Sakazuki has showcased great leadership skills. The Fleet Admiral has only made the Marines that much stronger ever since the Paramount War. With a firm belief in justice, he recruited many people to his cause.

Sakazuki is always determined to do something in the One Piece series. He might be ruthless in his goals, but he finds a way to achieve them. Nothing gets in the way of this dominant leader.

ENTP - Nico Robin


Nico Robin is a smart and curious intellectual. Although the World Government forbids research into the Void Century, that hasn't stopped her one bit. Robin will risk her life to answer the biggest questions in One Piece.

ENTP personalities often rely on their logical reasoning. Her mind actively searches for hidden meanings in her surroundings.

ENFJ - Monkey D. Luffy


Luffy is the main protagonist of the One Piece series. It makes sense that his personality type is ENFJ.

Luffy is a natural-born leader who strives to make the world a better place. He inspires everybody with his idealistic dreams. The Straw Hat wants to become the Pirate King because he truly values his freedom.

Luffy also has a very strong desire to help those around him. He has saved many kingdoms from tyrannical rulers, such as Doflamingo in Dressrosa. One Piece fans respect the way he positively impacts lives.

ISFJ - Chopper


Chopper wants to help those around him from the bottom of his heart. This medical doctor uses his advanced knowledge to cure physical ailments in the One Piece series. Even then, he is always very humble in person.

Chopper has all the traits of an ISFJ personality. He is a warm and caring individual who can be a little bit hard on himself.

Whenever Chopper cannot find a cure, he laments his current situation. Even so, he holds himself to a very high standard.

ISTP - Franky


Franky is a brilliant engineer who turned his entire body into a mechanical cyborg. Those with the ISTP personality are known for their bold yet practical experiments. For example, he can power himself up with a special type of cola.

Without a doubt, he is among the most intelligent One Piece characters. Franky's inventions are the result of his imaginative brain power since he always thinks just outside the box. One Piece fans shouldn't underestimate his battle tactics.

ISFP - Roronoa Zoro


Like any true ISFP personality, Zoro spends most of his time alone. He prefers training in a difficult style of swordsmanship.

With that said, Zoro is always eager to explore new ideas. He wanted to learn different techniques from his main rival Dracule Mihawk.

Zoro is very creative with his combat abilities. For example, he can use three swords to create nine slashes.

Luffy has learned a lot from this adventurous spirit. Zoro is overly competitive and strives to be the best swordsman in One Piece.

ISTJ - Trafalgar Law


The Surgeon of Death is a logistician, first and foremost. His analytical mindset and observant nature are very useful in combat situations. The Ope Ope no Mi requires technical skill on his part, along with his complex strategies.

Law is very practical with his ISTJ way of thinking. Unlike his counterparts, he always thinks of solutions before he tackles a problem. He is the brains of every single operation he takes part in.

ESFJ - Nefertari Vivi


Viv has always been a people person, given her status with the royal family. She inspires the Alabasta kingdom with her kind personality. Her positive energy also lifted the Straw Hat Pirates during their desert trek.

With a strong moral compass, Vivi takes her responsibilities very seriously, which is the mark of a true ESFJ personality. Her main priority is protecting her own people. She also built relationships that were meant to last in the One Piece series.

Vivi is still an honorary member of the Straw Hat crew, despite not being with them for very long.

ESTP - Marshall D. Teach


Passionate energy is a great way to describe his ESTP mindset. Blackbeard may be the loudest guy in the room, but he knows how to capture someone's attention. One Piece would be very boring without him.

Life is always a daring adventure in the One Piece world. Very few can navigate it quite like Blackbeard. He is a huge risk-taker, given his dangerous exploits and belief in destiny. Nonetheless, he often takes a path less traveled. He went from a mere nobody to ruling entire oceans.

Blackbeard is also surprisingly intelligent and has a penchant for picking up on behavior. He is very good at figuring out people's fighting styles.

ESTJ - Vinsmoke Sanji


Sanji is a straightforward and logical thinker. He always stays one step ahead in the One Piece series.

Sanji can fool criminal masterminds like Crocodile, which speaks volumes. He can be very punctual in just the right moments.

Integrity is also a very important aspect of this ESTJ personality. This world-class chef never gets his hands dirty, nor does he ever strike back against women. He is very traditionalist in his mindset, yet he also values leading by example. His work ethic is almost second to none.

Sanji's organized lifestyle is greatly appreciated by the One Piece fanbase. No matter what, he always dresses for the occasion.

ESFP - Nami


Given her greedy nature, Nami is the life of every party. She likes being the center of attention wherever she goes.

Nami is focused on making a lot of money, which means she has to rely on her people skills.

ESFP personalities are known for their energetic and enthusiastic mannerisms. Nami often gets caught up in her own excitement. She also loves to show off her fashion sense. Whenever the spotlight is placed on her, she is quite the entertainer.

With that said, Nami can easily get bored when nothing is going on. She also prefers to avoid confrontations whenever she can.

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