Boruto Timeskip will not see Naruto and Hinata age

Kawaki sealing Hinata and Naruto (Image via Youtube@Great Ninja)
Kawaki sealing Hinata and Naruto (Image via Youtube/@Great Ninja)

Boruto chapter 78 will be released on February 20, 2023, showing fans the aftermath of Kawaki's bombshell decision to trap Naruto and Hinata in a different dimension. Leaks for chapter 78 are running rampant on Twitter, with everything pointing towards the much-anticipated timeskip.

With the timeskip right around the corner, fans are worried about Naruto and Hinata's fate. The couple's age after the timsekip has also been an important topic of discussion in the Boruto community lately, as they have been wondering if the two will ever get out of Kawaki's Daikokuten dimension.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Boruto manga.

Naruto and Hinata will not age after Boruto Timeskip because they are trapped in the Daikokuten dimension

Boruto chapter 77 saw Kawaki realizing that the only way to save Naruto's life was by eradicating all Otsutsuki clan members, including Boruto. However, it is natural that Naruto will protect his son even at the cost of his own life. This is the reason Kawaki trapped both Hinata and Naruto in the Daikokuten dimension, to prevent them from interfering with his upcoming plans.

Kawaki went over the edge in chapter 77, as he became rogue and embraced an antagonistic role to keep Naruto safe. Given the deep impact the Seventh Hokage has had on his life, it makes sense that Kawaki will go this far to ensure that nothing happens to someone he admires so much and looks up to as a father figure.

Spoilers for chapter 78 have also revealed Kawaki attacking Sarada, who luckily gets saved by Boruto, with his right eye getting sliced by Kawaki's attack. As such, the scar on his face is similar to the one fans saw at the beginning of the series.

The ending of chapter 78 is also revealed through the spoilers, where readers see Momoshiki Otutsuki making an appearance. He tells Boruto that from now on, he will lose everything and that nothing can stop the flow of time. In addition to that, Momoshiki tells the young protagonist that the end has already started, indicating that the ominous timeskip will happen soon in the manga.

The recent developments have also prompted fans to talk about Hinata and Naruto's age following the aftermath of the timeskip, given that they are currently stuck in Kawaki's Daikokuten dimension. However, time does not flow in the Daikokuten dimension, which is why Naruto and Hinata will stay the same age even after the timeskip. Moreover, the reason why Kawaki trapped Naruto and Hinata is to keep them safe and away from conflict.

With the release of chapter 78, the story will move one step closer to timeskip and readers might also get to know more about Hinata and Naruto's condition. In the meantime, Sasuke's reappearance in the manga can prove to be a vital aspect since he is capable of space-time ninjutsu and has frequently traveled through dimensions.