Can Naruto destroy a planet? The power of Nine-tailed beast, explained

Taking a look at whether or not the protagonist can destroy a planet (image via Pierrot)
Taking a look at whether or not the protagonist can destroy a planet (image via Pierrot)
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Rohan Jagannath

Naruto’s ability to destroy a planet has been a discussion that has been taking place for ages, and the community still doesn’t seem to have arrived at a unanimous decision with regards to this. One of the most important things in verse debating is understanding how scaling works and using certain feats to compare and understand the true potential of a character.

While a large portion of the community believes that Naruto is simply not at the level to destroy a planet, certain YouTubers such as SethTheProgrammer have debunked these claims and have backed them up with numbers.

Is Naruto capable of destroying a planet?

These calculations involve understanding advanced concepts, therefore, we will look into some of the feats that show that Naruto is planet level in the series. During the fight against Toneri, he was about to hurl the moon towards earth with such force and speed that it was about to destroy it. Given how Naruto performed against Toneri, it only went on to show just how powerful a shinobi he was.

According to the aforementioned sources, Kaguya’s attacks were so strong that if the entire planet was converted into a bomb of mass destruction, it was still over a hundred times weaker than her attacks. This was the conclusion that SethTheProgrammer arrived at after accounting for Earth's size and distance between the Earth and the sun in order to scale it from an existing feat which was Kaguya’s ability to destroy her own massive time-space. Thus, Kaguya can be considered at the solar system level and comparing Kurama to her would place him on the planetary level.

@KarmaInJune @Lilwake1 @FaxChaotic @Xeno_Remix kaguya created a hyper space with narutos universe size dimension in it and 5 others that are parallel to it, it makes up her space culvature and she was going to destroy the main one that connected them all directly. Base momo created a uni and naruto at 50% is fused momo lvls.

Even if the calculations seem too advanced considering that this is an anime series and the degree of accuracy could be far lower since there is no way to measure these feats, the data book has repeatedly mentioned that Kurama has enough chakra and energy to shatter or vaporize the planet. Therefore, Naruto is someone who is capable of destroying the planet as well.

Kurama’s chakra levels were so high that Naruto was able to share that chakra with the entire Allied Shinobi Forces and replenish their chakra levels to a point where Kakashi admitted that he felt at least three times more powerful. This really puts things in perspective when we look at Kurama’s overall strength and energy levels. Baryon Mode will only increase the destructive capability since it was strong enough to defeat Isshiki, and since Isshiki is stronger than Kaguya Otsutsuki, this is a testament to his true potential.

Did Naruto just give three times the chakra Kakashi has to the entire alliance?

These are just some of the numerous arguments that fans have to prove that Naruto is capable of destroying a planet if he wants. That being said, the show technically shows that he is capable of destroying a planet, but due to the plot holes and inconsistencies, one can provide an argument regarding his inability to do the same.

Note: This article talks about the protagonist in his prime, since he certainly cannot do so at this point in the story since Kurama died.

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