Can Naruto ever learn to do Rasengan with just one hand?

Naruto using Rasengan (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto using Rasengan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In Naruto, fans got introduced to a lot of different Ninjutsu techniques. All of which depend on an individual's natural chakra nature. This also leads to a lot of capable shinobi inventing their own Jutsu according to the fans. For example, Kakashi's Chidori that he later taught to Sasuke. Rasengan is also a Jutsu that the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze invented on his own, although he died before he could complete it.

Note: This article contains some Naruto spoilers.

Kakashi being the "Copy Ninja", and Jiraiya with his immense amount of Chakra, learned to use it in its incomplete form. Jiraiya then later passed on his father's legacy to Naruto in the form of this Jutsu. However, Naruto needed the help of a few shadow clones to manifest it. Does he ever learn to use it one handed, though? Here is what the fandom has to say about the matter.

Can Naruto do Rasengan with one hand?

Fans witnessed when Jiraiya first taught him this Jutsu, that Naruto being a kid with poor chakra control seemed to struggle a lot. Although, surprising everyone, he managed to do it within 7 days, though he seemed to need the help of his Shadow Clones in the process. It should be noted that according to Jiraiya, it took Minato 3 years to develop the Jutsu and half a year to master it.

However, as the show progressed, fans witnessed him start using it with one hand. The first time he did it was during his first fight with Sasuke, with the help of his Nine-tailed cloak. After that, in Shippuuden, he invested all his energy into developing it to its maximum. This resulted in him inventing the Wind Style: Rasenshuriken Jutsu.


The next time fans witnessed him using Rasengan with one hand was during the Fourth Great Ninja War with the aid of his Six Paths Chakra. He seemed to have used the Chakra of the Four-tailed beast to form a Lava Style: Rasenshuriken, which he hurled at Madara. After that, since he learned a great amount about Chakra control, the process seemed to have gotten easier, enabling him to use various forms of the Rasengan single-handedly.

Naruto showcased a lot of different Ninjutsu in the series, which seems to have intrigued fans to no end. Now, after a successful year of Boruto, fans are expecting to see more new techniques in the series. Keep yourself updated about the same here.

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