8 things Boruto lacks that Naruto perfectly captured

Naruto and Sasuke with Team 7 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto and Sasuke with Team 7 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Are there things that Boruto lacks but Naruto captured perfectly? Naruto is a show that gave the fandom many moments to cherish forever in their hearts.

From characters to Jutsus, battles, and sacrifices, Naruto seemed to capture everything with heart-touching astoundment, according to fans. Now, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations seems to be walking along the same lines of showing great moments that will stay with the community for a long time.

However, as per the fandom, there seem to be a few things that Boruto lacks that Naruto captured perfectly. What are they? Take a look at what the fandom thinks of the same.

Eight aspects that Naruto perfectly encapsulated over Boruto

1) The life of shinobi


Naruto, the anime series, seemed to be predominantly shinobi-oriented. It portrayed the lifestyle of a time when even transportation was not a big part of everyday lives.

So, most people traveled by walking, and in the cases of the Feudal Lords, on palanquins. So, in a lifestyle mostly deprived of daily technology, the life of the shinobi shone through. They traveled by walking, yes, but their Ninjutsu aided them greatly in their missions.

The emphasis on their abilities and the hardships they faced during their missions, with attacks from other shinobi villages, showed a lot of what it means to be a shinobi and the lifestyle they used to lead. In Boruto, with the development of technology, this aspect seemed to have gotten overshadowed.

2) The hardship of learning and inventing Jutsus


In Naruto, fans witnessed the learning processes and invention of a lot of new Jutsus. For example, while Naruto learned Rasengan and Sasuke learned Chidori, the whole process of them learning and facing these hardships touched the fans' hearts.

In Boruto, with the development of technological Ninja tools, this whole process seemed to have gotten a little overlooked.

3) Finding one's Ninja Way


According to fans, the real journey of Naruto started with him finding and accepting his own Ninja Way. Later, they witnessed how much he inspired those around him with this.

Shinobi's Ninja Way is the ethics they live and die by. In Boruto's peace era, with the lack of constant threats from external sources, the young shinobi of today seemed to have lost this focus of what makes them shinobi.

4) The Will of Fire


Mentioned repeatedly in Naruto, the Will of Fire seems to be the desire that the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf carry with them to protect their village from the constant attacks.

Itachi himself admitted that even though he is called many different names, what brings him real joy is when he is addressed as "Itachi of the Hidden Leaf Village". Fans feel this is another aspect Boruto lacks, as the lifestyle and perception of the young shinobi have changed through the years.

5) The Chunin Exams

According to the fandom, the Chunin Exams arc was a big part of Naruto. It introduced a lot of new characters that became vital parts of the show.

Not only that, but the exams, fans seem to think, were designed to select the shinobi that can bring out their best in times of need.

In Boruto, the Chunin Exams seemed to have changed a lot. The fandom thinks it is primarily because of the peace era and the lack of threats to villages. As a result, the young Shinobi of Boruto did not get the chance to show their full potential.

6) Character developments


According to the fandom, Naruto was a show that put a lot of emphasis on character developments. Not only of Naruto himself but also his friends and other characters in the series.

This is something that Boruto seems to lack, as the show mainly focuses on Boruto and Kawaki. So, the other characters seem to get a little overshadowed.

7) The power of the Byakugan


Naruto's daughter Himawari is the first person ever to awaken the power of the Byakugan Eye without any help or training at all. This seemed to spark fans' interest as it seemed like another huge potential for the Byakugan Eye opening.

However, fans are yet to see any further developments along this line in Boruto. This seems to have disappointed them, as the power of Byakugan and the Hyuga Clan seemed to have been a key part of Naruto.

8) The relationship of teachers and students


One major heartwarming aspect of Naruto was the students' relationships with their Sensei. Fans witnessed this over and over via Naruto's relationships with Iruka, Kakashi, and Jiraiya; Ino-Shika-Cho's relationship with Asuma and Lee; and Neji and Tenten's relationship with Might Guy.

As shinobi's life and missions seemed to have taken a slight backseat in Boruto, this is another aspect that seems to have lost its impact in the series.

Fans think that although Boruto is a lot different from Naruto, the latter sparks their interests more with a new storyline and new elements of surprise and Jutsus. However, they are eager to know what new adventure will unfold in Boruto next.

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Note: This article reflects the author's views.