Charlotte Season 2: Expected release date, rumors, and more

The protagonist of Charlotte, Yuu Otosaka (Image via P.I Works)
The protagonist of Charlotte, Yuu Otosaka (Image via P.I Works)
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Praveen Kumar

The anime Charlotte is a supernatural comedy-drama by Jun Maeda that was released in the summer of 2015. The anime received acclamation from both fans and critics for its original storyline.

The first season of the anime ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans impatient and anxious for Season 2. Here are the details regarding its release, what to expect, and more.

Here's what fans can expect from Charlotte Season 2

Plot overview


The story takes place in an alternative reality, where a comet named "Charlotte" passes by the Earth once every 75 years, only appearing for a short period of time. While passing, it sprays some dust that results in pre-adolescents who develop superhuman abilities once they hit puberty.

The anime centers on the life of the protagonist, Yuu Otosaka besides other central characters Nao Tomori, Jojiro Takajo, and Yusa Nishimori. Yu possesses a unique power that grants him the ability to take over an individual’s body for five seconds.

Just finished watching the anime Charlotte. Solid 7.5/10. Definitely got a little confusing in the middle but the end made up for it !

Yuu’s ability gets exposed by Nao Tomori, who also has a unique ability to make herself invisible to a specific target. He was then forced to transfer to Hoshnioumi Academy to become a part of the student council. The academy is created in order to protect children with peculiar abilities.

The student council also consists of two more members- Jojiro Tokijo, who has the ability of superhuman speed, and Yusa Nishimori, the leader of the student council who possesses bizarre capabilities to channel spirits through a medium.

I just watched the anime Charlotte again and if anyone is seeing this please if you have the time to watch 13 episodes watch it, I think I won’t rush having a gf anymore because I want to be with someone who will genuinely care about me just as I care about them

Yuu travels around the world to steal supernatural powers. He even stole the ability to time travel from his elder brother, Shunsuke, to save his little sister. After stealing everyone’s power, he loses his memories. His family and friends then try to help him recollect these memories.

Release date


The first season premiered on July 5, 2015 with the finale airing on September 27, 2015. Since then, there has been no official announcement regarding Charlotte Season 2 from P.A Works, Aniplex, or Key. The anime is yet to be renewed.

Fans can expect an update from the production house by the summer of 2022, as per speculations.

What to expect

Yuu foreshadowing the title of the last episode of Season 1 "I'm looking forward to what's to come." (Image via P.A Works)
Yuu foreshadowing the title of the last episode of Season 1 "I'm looking forward to what's to come." (Image via P.A Works)

The anime was wrapped with no significant loopholes or loose ends. Since the anime was an original (and doesn't rely on the Charlotte manga as the source material), fans might not get what they had expected from the finale of Season 1.

Although the sequel for the anime is entirely possible, the timeline or the relationship between the characters may not be followed exactly. As the story focuses on alternative realities, fans might get to see a different version of Yuu Otosaka.

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