Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc episode 1 is everything fans expected and more

Uzui Tengen's Nichirin swords (Image via YouTube)
Uzui Tengen's Nichirin swords (Image via YouTube)
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The much-awaited first episode of Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc has finally aired, and it has proved worthy of all the hype its preview got. With Ufotable studio at the helm of the animation, the one-hour long episode bridged the previous Mugen Train arc with the current story arc, transitioning into the exposition.

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The introduction into this arc balances the poignant and heavy atmosphere left in the wake of Flame Hashira Rengoku’s death with some standard Demon Slayer-like moments of comedy, providing a breath of fresh air to both people on and off screen, so they can move forward onto their next mission. Here's a look at what episode one of the Entertainment District arc has in store for fans.

Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc episode 1 highlights

Aftermath of Rengoku and Akaza’s fight

The episode begins with a final look at Rengoku’s death at Akaza’s hands, and his escape as Tanjiro keeps calling him a coward for running away. Tanjiro and Inosuke especially, are devastated by Rengoku’s death before their own eyes. Meanwhile, we find out that the prime antagonist of Demon Slayer, Muzan has changed his form once more, now disguising himself as the adopted child of a classy, rich family.

We see once more how Muzan rules with an iron fist, as he punishes Akaza for failing to find a fabled blue spider lily, leaving survivors after killing off the Flame Hashira, and being struck by an attack by a demon slayer even less powerful than a Hashira.

Tanjiro passes on Rengoku’s last words

Tanjiro visits Rengoku’s home while still recovering from his wounds to pass on Rengoku Kyojuro’s final words to his brother Senjuro and his father Shinjuro, but ends up headbutting the former Hashira when he insults Rengoku and strikes his younger son. But during the altercation, Tanjiro finds out that Sun Breathing, what he knew as “hinokami kagura” was the first Breathing technique from which all other breathing techniques had originated.

Demon slayer is officially back This ep was perfect

Senjuro even offers to show him the Flame Hashira records which had been maintained for generations in their family, only to find it in tatters, presumably destroyed by Rengoku Shinjuro. While leaving, Senjuro gives Rengoku’s sword handguard to Tanjiro with the hope that it would protect him from harm. In the privacy of his room, Shinjuro finally breaks down after Senjuro passes on Kyojuro’s message to him, and mourns his son.

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Training montage in episode 1 (Image via YouTube)
Training montage in episode 1 (Image via YouTube)

Demon Slayer typically has at least one training montage before every major mission that the protagonists are assigned, and with the memories of their powerlessness and inability to save Rengoku fresh in their minds, they train harder than ever for four months after the Mugen Train incident, while going on solo missions as per their messenger crows’ instructions. Tanjiro and Nezuko fight in sync with each other, taking down demons with relative ease.

Uzui Tengen appears

Tanjiro returns to Insect Hashira Kocho Shinobu’s home, the Butterfly Mansion, only to find Uzui Tengen attempting to forcibly take Aoi and Naho away to accompany him to Yoshiwara, declaring that he needed girls for the mission, all while lauding himself as a former ninja.

Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu offer to go in their stead, which the Sound Hashira agrees to. The episode ends with Uzui describing the Yoshiwara entertainment district as the most flamboyant place in Japan filled with lust and greed, where demons live.

Opening theme

The opening theme begins with Uzui and his wives, followed by montages of our protagonists and Uzui Tengen against the backdrop of Yoshiwara entertainment district, with clues left to Uzui’s past and what seems like Nezuko powering up her demonic abilities.

Muzan makes an appearance in his previous disguise as a young man dressed in a suit and a fedora, and we see Daki lashing out with her obi sashes. The opening also teases the appearance of another Upper Kizuki demon in the season.

Teaser of Upper Kizuki demon in Entertainment District arc opening theme (Image via Twitter)
Teaser of Upper Kizuki demon in Entertainment District arc opening theme (Image via Twitter)

Preview to episode 2


The episode does not feature a proper preview for the next episode of Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc, only revealing a general layout of the Yoshiwara district and the next episode's title, “Infiltrating the Entertainment District.”

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