Demon Slayer: Why does Nezuko have a bamboo in her mouth?

Nezuko with her bamboo muzzle (Image via Ufotable Studios)
Nezuko with her bamboo muzzle (Image via Ufotable Studios)

Hit series Demon Slayer connects with the franchise’s fans in many different ways and on many different levels. From the story to character writing to its action, Demon Slayer seems to attract so many new and old anime fans for a myriad of reasons.

One popular connection fans make with the show is through its characters. The protagonists, Tanjiro and Nezuko, are an incredibly endearing brother and sister duo, with both capturing hearts and minds of their fans.

A popular design aspect, which many fans question the reason for while praising its cuteness, is the bamboo muzzle Nezuko wears. In particular, fans seem unaware of why Nezuko wears this bamboo muzzle.


Demon Slayer and Nezuko fans question why Nezuko has to wear a bamboo muzzle all the time

Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle

After being turned into a demon, Nezuko initially couldn’t control herself around human flesh. After adjusting to her new body and urges, Nezuko was able to get control of herself and chose to protect Tanjiro instead of eating him.

Upon meeting Giyuu Tomioka, the Water Hashira gives Nezuko a muzzle to hide her fangs and restrict her if she ever loses control. Giyuu does see Nezuko maintaining control over her urges but gives her the muzzle just in case.

An extra reason to keep the muzzle on is given when Tanjiro and Nezuko meet Sakonji Ukurodaki. The former Water Hashira instructs Tanjiro and Nezuko that if Nezuko ever eats a human, Tanjiro must kill Nezuko and then himself honorably.

It’s later revealed that Ukurodaki also committed Giyuu and himself to this punishment, yet another reason for Nezuko to keep the muzzle on.

Eventually, Nezuko controls herself to the point she’s able to speak and restrain her demonic urges. While this is much later in the story, it does give her the opportunity to somewhat live without her muzzle, at least when around Demon Slayers. Arguably, the muzzle is one of the most iconic parts of Nezuko’s character up to this point from a pop culture perspective.

In summation

When Tanjiro and Nezuko first meet Giyuu Tomioka in Demon Slayer, the Water Hashira muzzles Nezuko with bamboo. Should Nezuko ever eat a human, she would have to be put down, so the muzzle is undoubtedly for her protection as much as it is for humans around her.

Demon Slayer has many hit aspects that attract new and old anime fans alike, but Nezuko and her muzzle seemingly break the pop culture mold. Whether by cuteness or simply being excellent character design, Nezuko is a staple of Demon Slayer and the series’ following.

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