Does Gon ever reunite with his dad in Hunter x Hunter? Explained

Ging as seen in the Hunter x Hunter anime (Image via Madhouse)
Ging as seen in the Hunter x Hunter anime (Image via Madhouse)

Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi's hit shonen series, Hunter x Hunter, follows the adventures of Gon Freecss, a young boy who discovers that his father, who abandoned him at a young age, is actually a world-renowned Hunter. Gon embarks on a journey to pass the Hunter Examination and find his father.

The manga series released its 400th chapter in December 2022. However, the anime adaptation has yet to catch up to the manga, and there is presently no information available regarding the release date of a new season. Hopefully, after the manga concludes, studios will be interested in producing new episodes.

Many fans of the series, especially those who may have stopped following the series owing to the frequent hiatuses, are unsure whether the protagonist eventually reunites with his father. Fans will be delighted to know that Gon and Ging have already had a brief encounter in what can only be described as an emotional scene.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Gon and Ging have already met in the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime

Gon and Ging (Imgmage via Madhouse)
Gon and Ging (Imgmage via Madhouse)

Ging Freecss is the father of Gon Freecss. He is a Double-Star Ruins Hunter and qualifies for a Triple-Star License. Moreover, he is a former member of the Zodiac. After becoming a licensed Hunter, Ging dedicated himself to the excavation and preservation of archaeological ruins. His passion for this profession played a crucial role in inspiring Gon to embark on a journey to find him, shaping the entire journey of Hunter x Hunter.

Gon finally reunites with his father, Ging, in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc of Hunter x Hunter. This takes place in chapter 335 of the manga and in anime episode 146. Needless to say, it is a very emotional scene where Gon becomes increasingly overwhelmed while Ging appears flustered.

However, when Gon expresses guilt and believes he should be the one who's dead instead of Kite, Ging reassures him, emphasizing that Kite had trusted him. He eventually tells Gon that Kite did not sacrifice himself for him.

Gon (Image via Madhouse)
Gon (Image via Madhouse)

Ging then allows Gon to leave and rejoin his friends, but when the latter asks if they will speak again, Ging hesitates, citing his busy schedule.

Fans will hopefully see more of Gon and Ging's interaction in future installments. The manga still has a long way to go before it reaches its conclusion.

The frequent hiatuses in the series are undoubtedly unfortunate. However, this can be attributed to the demanding nature of being a mangaka, which frequently takes a toll on the health of many creators.

Meanwhile, Hunter x Hunter fans have been incredibly supportive of Yoshihiro Togashi. They have displayed incredible patience and understanding, considering the fact that the mangaka can only release one or two chapters at a time. As already mentioned, his last release was in December 2022.

However, fans need not worry about the fate of the series, as Togashi has already planned out the ending in case he is unable to finish it himself. His wife, Naoko Takeuchi, will step in to complete the work if such a situation does arise.