Does Nico Robin from One Piece have a love interest?

Robin is the sixth most popular character in the recent poll (Image via Toei Animation)
Robin is the sixth most popular character in the recent poll (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece fans have always loved Nico Robin, yet she is not the romantic type.

Series creator Eiichiro Oda isn't very interested, either. He prefers to focus on the adventurous journey of the Straw Hat Pirates. With that said, characters regularly have interactions that can be seen as romantic. Back in Thriller Bark, Sanji ended up saving Nami at a wedding, all while they were dressed for the part.

The question remains whether or not Nico Robin has similar moments. Even if the One Piece series doesn't focus on it, Oda does give shippers good material.

Does Nico Robin have a love interest in One Piece?


Robin has always been a very popular character, which is why she gets so much attention from the fanbase. This article will provide a brief look at whether or not she has any love interests.

Refreshingly, she does not


A good number of women are defined by their love for the main protagonist, such as Ochako Uraraka in My Hero Academia. With that in mind, Robin doesn't fall under this particular trap. She isn't particularly interested in relationships at the moment.

Throughout most of the One Piece series, Robin had one goal in mind. She wants to find out the true history of the world, including what happened in the Void Century. Remember, she was the last survivor of Ohara, an island of scholars that was blown up by the World Government.

Robin simply wants to help the Straw Hats find the One Piece and uncover the real secrets of the world. It's refreshing to see female anime characters that have no interest in the concept of love.

Unlike Nami, there isn't an obvious love interest


Nami is a very popular character to ship in One Piece, simply because of her interactions with crewmates. In particular, her possible love interests include the likes of Luffy and Sanji. The former is an interesting case, since Nami was shocked by Luffy's first kiss on Whole Cake Island.

By comparison, Robin doesn't have any romantic moments like Nami does. She is played up for pure fan service at times, but not to the extent of the Cat Burglar. It's anybody's guess who she may end up with, if that ever happens.

Could she end up with anyone?


It's fairly commonplace for well-known mangas to end with a timeskip into the future, such as Naruto and Bleach. This allows the author to pair various characters with each other. It wouldn't get in the way of the main story, since it's already finished.

Typically, One Piece fans speculate that Robin could end up with someone like Franky, or even mature characters like Brook and Jinbei. Another popular suggestion is Trafalgar Law, since they both share an interest in history.

Of course, she might not even end up with anybody. It really depends on the route that Oda takes. He isn't interested in romance, but only because it's not an important aspect of One Piece. This can always change in the final chapters, since everybody can start families by then.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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